Thursday and Friday, April 4-5, 2019

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Rookie Work Experience Coordinator of the Year - 2019



Work Experience Coordinator of the Year – 2019 

Feedback from one of the conference attendees!

I was so excited to attend the WECA Conference, and it did not disappoint!  As I'm just getting started in the area of WBL I did a whole lot of listening (and writing down notes)!  It was great to attend a conference where people were excited about what they were doing.  Everyone was super friendly and helpful.  Networking at it's finest!  That's what it's all about, networking to ensure the students get the best possible experience that they can.

I took approximately 10 pages of notes, plus 4 pages of "to do's" for my class...the one thing that really stood out to me and I felt that I needed to change immediately was my transition terminology.  No longer are students career bound vs work bound, everyone is a Life Long Learners.  Vocational....it's now CTE or Highly Skilled Classes.  No longer factory work...it's an Innovative Center.  One must be a creator, maker, collaborator, persuader, organizer and decision maker!

Another take away was the use of LINKEDIN.  I'm not crazy about it, but it's being used more and more.  I need to continue to use and teach my students to use it as well.

If you can attend one of these conferences I highly recommend it!  I'll be there next year again!