Dear Community Business Partner:

The Brookfield Breakers Swim Team is accepting sponsors for the 2019 summer swim season.  Located one block away from Brookfield Elementary School, the Breakers provide a fun environment for families and neighbors in the community and beyond to cheer on our local swimmers.    With your help, we are using funds to:

  •  Promote team unity by providing every swim team member a shirt to be worn at each NVSL and Western Fairfax Developmental swim meet throughout the summer, as well as at group activities held in the community.
  • Advance children’s aquatic skills and promote healthy exercise habits
  • Foster teamwork and a love for the sport of swimming
  • Develop team building activities with events at local establishments
  • Support additional training opportunities
  • Ongoing coach leadership building

 We have created a multi-level sponsorship tier you can choose.

Last years’ sponsors propelled us to win all our swim meets to become Division 14 Champions and Relay Carnival Champions. With your help, we hope we can do the same this year. Below is the 2018 Sponsor Shirt worn at all swim meets by swimmers, parents, and supporters.

If you are interested, make sure you sign up no later than April 1, 2019 to ensure your name and/or logo will be included on the back of our team shirt.

Thank you for your consideration.


Brookfield Breakers Swim Team

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2018 Sponsors Shirts