2019 ILJU Winter School

2019 ILJU SCHOOL, Seoul, Shilla Stay Yeoksam

The 14th ILJU School of Mathematics

Banach Spaces and Related Topics
January 6   12,  2019, Shilla Stay Yeoksam, Seoul, Republic of Korea

ILJU School of Mathematics

The aim of ILJU  School of Mathematics is to introduce recent research problems on Banach spaces and related topics including basic materials so that graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are encouraged to solve them and also to increase communication and friendship between participants.


Invited Lecturers

○  Professor  Richard AronKent State University (Abstract)

○  Professor Andreas Defant, University of Oldenburg, Germany (Abstract)

○  Professor Volodymyr Kadets, Kharkiv V.N.Karazin National University, Ukraine (Abstract)

○  Professor  Miguel Martin, University of Granada, Spain  (Abstract)

○  Professor Sun Kwang Kim, Chungbuk National University, Korea (Abstract)

Contributed talks 
○ Professor Tatsuhiro Honda, Senshu University, Japan  (Abstract)
○ Professor  Sooran Kang, Chung-Ang University, Korea (Abstract)
○ Professor Ju Myung Kim, Sejong University, Korea  (Abstract)
○ Professor Manuel Maestre, University of Valencia, Spain  (Abstract)
○ Ingo Schoolmann, University of Oldenburg, Germany (Abstract)


Registration and Information

○ Registration (Online registration)

The deadline of the registration is 10th December

○ Information : 

Accommodation and Lecture room :

            Accommodation : Shilla Stay Yeoksam (신라스테이 역삼),

            Lecture room : Meeting room on the 5th floor

 From Incheon Airport to the Hotel : 

Take 6703 Bus from Terminal 2 (Incheon Airport), 

the last station is Yeoksam Artnouveau Hotel. (It takes 2hours ~ 2 hours and half)

It takes 5 minutes from the station to the Hotel by walk.

Our hotel is in the opposite of the station.

 (Picture of the Destination : Hotel,  The last bus station)


○ Yun Sung Choi (POSTECH, Korea)
○ Jaeseong Heo (Hanyang University, Korea)
○ Sun Kwang Kim (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
○ Han Ju Lee (Dongguk University, Korea)  
○ Hun Hee Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)


○ Tel : +82-043-261-3277

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