The workshop RoD, collocated with The Web Conference 2018 in Lyon, France, on April 24, 2018, will gather people on a timely issue at the crossroad on knowledge representation and reasoning, data management, and the Semantic Web: How to use knowledge to make better use of data? The workshop will more precisely focus on reasoning techniques that allow to exploit domain knowledge in data access. By data we mean here structured or semi-structured data, stored in data management systems provided with a query language, rather than unstructured contents. Domain knowledge can be encoded in ontologies, rules, or constraints. An emblematic task is query answering, but knowledge can be exploited within the whole data lifecycle.

The goal of RoD is to bring together the developers and users of reasoners whatever the knowledge representation language used, including systems focusing on both intensional (ontology) and extensional (data) query answering. The workshop will give developers a perfect opportunity to promote their systems. We call for papers of different nature: theoretical, system and applicative.

News: Keynote talk by Prof. Franz Baader (TU Dresden) on "Extending Ontology-Based Data Access to Support Situation Recognition"