Proceedings of the 18th Philippine Computing Science Congress

PCSC2018, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Edited by Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr., Henry N. Adorna, Allan A. Sioson, and Jaime D.L. Caro

ISSN 1908-1146

(c) 2018 by the Computing Society of the Philippines
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  • CSP Board of Directors, SY 2017-18, p. 2 [pdf]
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  • Accepted Papers (Divider), pp. 7-8 [pdf]
  1. Maureen Villamor and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo. Do friends collaborate and perform better? : A Pair Program Tracing and Debugging Eye Tracking Experiment, pp. 9-16 [pdf]
  2. Kristine Mae Adlaon and Judith Azcarraga. Dimensionality Reduction of Feature Word Vectors for Sentiment Classification of Philippine Political Related Tweets, pp. 17-22 [pdf]
  3. Neil Patrick Del Gallego and Remedios De Dios Bulos. Understanding Factors that Affect User Activity in Social Games, pp. 23-31 [pdf]
  4. Christine Lourrine Tablatin and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo. Analysis of Static Code Reading Patterns, pp. 32-43 [pdf]
  5. Joanna Pauline Rivera and Clement Ong. Facial Expressions Recognition in Filipino Sign Language: Classification using 3D Animation Units, pp. 44-51 [pdf]
  6. Berwin Jarret Yu and Richard Bryann Chua. Using Elliptic ElGamal Cryptosystem to Provide Privacy and Verifiability in Internet Voting, pp. 52-57 [pdf]
  7. Irene Therese Bermejo, Jan Nicole Domingo, Dion Alfonso Velasco, Ma. Regina Estuar and Kennedy Espina. The Search for Tweets: Implementing a Geolocation Approximation Feature for Disaster Tweets, pp. 58-65 [pdf]
  8. Nikko Cabang, Jedidiah Constantino, Albert Vinluan and Marc Angelo Martinez. Natural Language Interface for SQL Query Generation using Recurrent Neural Network, pp. 66-72 [pdf]
  9. John Carlo A. Ariola, Mark Arthur A. Caro Iii, Jaymee A. Olaño and John Sixto G. Santos. Towards a Better Chord Recognition Algorithm Using Machine Learning Techniques, pp. 73-77 [pdf]
  10. Jennifer Ureta and Conrado Ruiz. Exploring Voxel-based Morphological Operators for Automatic LEGO Model Construction, pp. 78-86 [pdf]
  11. Patricia Anne Eugenio, Gregory Cu and Fritz Kevin Flores. Wireless Configuration of Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network, pp. 87-95 [pdf]
  12. Marco Lucena and John Paul Vergara. Finding the Short Swap Distance for Decreasing Permutations, pp. 96-103 [pdf]
  13. Ren Tristan Dela Cruz, Dionne Peter Cailipan, Francis George Cabarle, Nestine Hope Hernandez, Kelvin Buño, Henry Adorna and Jym Paul Carandang. Matrix Representation and Simulation Algorithm for Spiking Neural P Systems with Rules on Synapses, 104-112 [pdf]
  14. Shenamae Borja and John Ultra. Stylomitter: Using Extreme Learning Machines and Language-agnostic Approach to Author Classification, pp. 113-120 [pdf]
  15. Laurenz Tolentino and Allan Borra. An Exhaustive Rule-Based Affix Extraction for Stemming in Tagalog, pp. 121-127 [pdf]
  16. Maryene Sy Piecco and Marrick Neri. A regularized nonconvex model for image segmentation, pp. 128-135 [pdf]
  17. Mary Grace Malana, Laurenz Tolentino and Roger Luis Uy. Improving Smith-Waterman Local Alignment Algorithm Using Thread Parallelization In Java, pp. 136-142 [pdf]
  18. Amiel John Atienza, Art Maco Del Rosario, John Carlo Gonzales, Marc Angelo Martinez and Carlo Marco Ortiz. Driver Drowsiness Monitoring and Alert System using Image Processing, Fuzzy Logic with Pathfinding, pp. 143-151 [pdf]
  19. Ren Tristan Dela Cruz, Zechariah Jimenez, Francis George Cabarle, Henry Adorna, Kelvin Buño, Nestine Hope Hernandez and Jym Paul Carandang. Matrix Representation of Spiking Neural P Systems with Structural Plasticity, pp. 152-164 [pdf]
  20. John Eric Z. Sy, Macliing Gabriel Q. Aydinan and Prospero C. Naval Jr.. Prediction of MRT-3 Passenger Entrance Volume using Support Vector Machines, pp. 165-168 [pdf]
  21. Nikko Borja, Ken Hosoya, Jared Luke Pangilinan, Mervin Stewart Uy and Rafael Cabredo. Designing Collaborative Applications using Usability Heuristics and Keystroke-Level Model, pp. 169-177 [pdf]
  22. Bryan Dadiz. An Automatic Lead Sheet Generation of Melody and Chords from Singing Voice Using Melody Extraction and Chords Detection Algorithm, pp. 178-184 [pdf]
  23. Alquine Roy Taculin and Kardi Teknomo. Comparative Study of Detection-based Algorithms for Tracking Multiple Cars, pp. 185-190 [pdf]
  24. Fritz Kevin Flores, Baldip Bhuller, Joshua Manto, Arvin Medina and Naomi Mendaros. Smart Flooring System Implementation for Movement Recognition through Low-Cost Force Sensitive Resistors, pp. 191-201 [pdf]
  25. Jedidiah Caychingco and Gregory Cu. Comparing the Performance of a Hybrid Model Against a Single Model in Detecting DDoS Attacks, pp. 202-209 [pdf]
  26. Christian Dave Ergina and Victor Ii Romero. PollenEXT: Pollen Classification Using Extremely Randomized Trees, pp. 210-219 [pdf]
  27. Samantha Mallari, Faith Ballesteros, Eva Samillano, Paulo Capuz, Lorena Rabago and Ernesto Boydon. Quickgarde: A Plug-in for Detecting Cyberbullying Occurrences in Filipino Social Media Posts, pp. 220-230 [pdf]
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