How can future teachers best address questions of educational equity in a global context? How do the challenges of urban, multicultural schools compare in Dutch, German, and US contexts? What can we learn from Dutch, German, French, and Belgian structures of education that can enhance learning experiences here? What can the US learn from Dutch and Belgian teacher education? What do refugee youth do once they reach the Netherlands? How does technology help special education students in Europe?

Explore these questions (and more!) as you jump out of your comfort zone, engage in critical reflection, and embark on a new adventure across Europe with the College of Education!


  • Spend 3 weeks visiting a wide range of public and private international schools in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Germany.
  • Build marketable teaching and management skills of global cultural competence, critical reflection, and intercultural relations
  • Immerse yourself in new experiences in major cities including Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels
  • Interact with Dutch and Belgian teacher education students
  • Complete project in partnership with a refugee school in the Netherlands
  • Blog, video log, and discuss questions of local and global importance (check out the 2017 Blogs here)
  • Reflect on your role in important international challenges with a group of critically engaged peers

Transform yourself and those around you as you learn about education-related cultural and technological issues across the globe AND in your own backyard.

Want more information? Contact the program leader, Heather Shea, here