RP Convention

Research Paper Convention: Timetable & Instructions for Students.

CCIII/Spring 2019.

Research Paper Convention: Timetable.





May 3

Research Paper Abstracts for the Research Paper Convention Are Due.

Please Note: Failure to Submit Your Abstracts on Time Will Result in Your Presentation Being Scheduled on the First Day of the Research Paper Convention.

May 15

Meeting with the student organizers to discuss the schedule of the Research Paper Convention. (Tentative)

May 21

Schedule of the Research Paper Convention will be posted.

May 21-24

Sign up week for the Research Paper Convention begins on May 21, 2019 and ends at 12 noon on May 24, 2019.

May 24

Deadline date for students to submit their PPT slides of the presentations to their teachers.

May 31

Research Paper Convention I.

June 4

Research Paper Convention II.

June 11

Research Paper Convention III.

June 14

Research Paper Convention IV.


Please use the attached form to submit your abstracts for the research paper convention.
Your abstracts should not exceed 200 words.

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