Mock Job Interview

Mock  Job Interviews: Timetable & Instructions for Students.

CCIII/Spring 2019.

*The sign up for mock job interview will start at 9 a.m. in front of the department office on 3/25.

Mock Job Interview: Timetable



Description of Activities.


Job descriptions from the 5 CCIII sections are submitted to the coordinator of the course.

3/25 – 3/29

Signing Up for the Mock Job/Graduate School Program Interviews:

1) First, choose the job OR the graduate school program that you would like to be interviewed for. To do so, scroll down this page and read the job descriptions and the graduate school program descriptions that have been posted.  CHOOSE ONLY ONE JOB OR GRADUATE SCHOOL PROGRAM TO APPLY FOR. 

2) Signing up for the Mock Job Interview exercise will begin on Monday morning, March 25, 2019, and end on Friday, March 29, 2019.

3) Signing up to be interviewed will be done manually this year. The sign-up forms for both interview days will be posted outside of the department’s office.

4) Quotas have been set for each job opening. If the quota for a job opening has been filled, you will have to choose another job to be interviewed for.

5) If you do not manage to sign up for a job or graduate school program between March 25, 2019 and March 29, 2019, you will be assigned a position to be interviewed for. 

The deadline to sign up for your interview is March 29, 2019 at 12 noon.


Mock Job Interview Schedules Will Be Posted on the CCIII Spring 2019 Website.

4/23 & 4/26

Mock Job Interviews.

4/23 & 4/26

1) On the day of your interview, please go to the classroom indicated on the final Mock Job Interview Schedule.  You will be interviewed there by one of the professors of CCIII and an external interviewer.


2) On the day of your interview, observe the interviewee after you (the last interviewee observes the 1st interviewee); on the second day of the Mock Job Interviews, and in your classrooms, you can choose anyone to observe.

3) After your interview, remain in the same classroom and evaluate one of the other interviewees.  Keep the Student Observation Sheet with you and bring it with you on the next day of the Mock Job Interviews.


4) On the day when you are not being interviewed, PLEASE GO TO YOUR CLASSROOMS and observe the interviews that will be conducted there by your professors.


5) Do not forget to evaluate the interviewees you are observing using the Student Observation Sheet that you can find at the end of this page.


6) Each day after the interviews are over, please return your Student Observation Sheets to your professors.




  • Be Punctual: 
    • Please be at your interview venue 10 minutes in advance, and stay there quietly until all the interviews are over.
  • Be Prepared and Observant: 
    • Please bring 2 copies of your resume with you to your interview.   
    • Each student's interview will take about 10-12 minutes.
    • Please do some research about the company or the graduate school program for which you are applying. You should have a good understanding of the job description, as well as of the job requirements, and of how your knowledge and skills developed in the Department of English Language and Literature, (and in other university departments if you are double-majoring), will enable you to assume and to successfully execute your duties outlined in the job description.
    • If you are applying for a graduate school program, please do some good research about the university and its graduate school. Be prepared to answer any questions that require you to clearly show how your knowledge and skills acquired and developed through your education and training in the Department of English Language and Literature, and/or in other departments at Fu Jen Catholic University, have prepared you to undertake and complete graduate work and research.
    • Do not forget to mention any knowledge or skills acquired from your work experiences that would enable you to successfully perform the job requirements for the position for which you are interviewing.
    • Do not let the interviewers wait for you.
    • Observation Order: Observe one interviewee per day on both days (April 23 and April 262019). The instructor will hand you a student's response sheet on the first day and you are required to bring it again with you go to the classroom on the second day.
    • On the day of your interview, observe the student interviewee being interviewed after you.
  • Offer Feedback to the Student Interviewees and Learn From the Feedback They Offer You: 
    • Please use the response sheet to write down your general observations, and your comments about the two students that you observe. 
    • The instructor will give you a student's response sheet on the first day of the Mock Job Interview, and you are expected to bring this response sheet again with you to the classroom on the second day.
    • Please hand in the response sheet to your own CCIII section teacher after completing it. 
    • The CCIII section teachers will also use this form to provide feedback about your performance.