Registration: now closed...

...however, Banquet tickets are available for purchase up until Thursday, May 3rd (2018):

  • Banquet tickets for adults (held on Friday, May 4th, 2018), are $75 for each conference attendee
    • if additional adult tickets are needed (e.g. family members) for non-conference attendees (e.g. spouses): 
      • an additional banquet ticket will be $70
      • a 3rd banquet ticket, another $70
      • a 4th banquet ticket, add on $60
    • Banquet tickets for children/youth (based on facility rates): 
      • 3 years of age and under = free
      • ages 4-5 = $16
      • ages 6-12 years = $20
      • 13 years of age and over = adult pricing
      • Please email the registrar directly if wishing to purchase banquet tickets for children/youth (payment will be processed with the adult registration)

Banquet Tickets Form - please use those posted below (and only filling out the Banquet section):

  • Main Conference form, posted below (see attachment at bottom of page);
  • Text-only Word-DOC version of registration forms, posted below (see attachment at bottom of page)


With only Banquet still open until Thursday May 3rd, (register via email, or with the PDF or DOC below that can be emailed),  you may choose to pay by cheque or cash in person, or via E-Transfer (to our BMO account). 

picture of a personal cheque, made out to “2018 CVTC” or “2018 Canadian Vision Teachers’ Conference”  image of the Bank of Montreal e-Tranfer logo  image of the Interac e-Transfer logo 

For further information on payment via Interac e-Transfer, or BMO's e-Transfer, refer to the following links: 
2018 Canadian Vision Teachers' Conference,
Jan 31, 2018, 10:32 AM
2018 Canadian Vision Teachers' Conference,
Feb 27, 2018, 3:43 PM