Election Results

District Presidium
District President: Rev. Jon D. Buchholz
First Vice President: Rev. David R. Clark
Second Vice President: Rev. Aaron D. Boehm
District Secretary: Rev. Steven P. Gabb

Worship Offering
Apache 125th Anniversary

District Boards and Committees
District Mission Board Pastor: Rev. Ronald G. Koehler III
District Mission Board Pastor: Rev. Noah M. Bater
District Mission Board Pastor: Rev. Paul R. Schroeder
District Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator: Deacon Michael J. Mundstock
District Worship Coordinator: Rev. Mark H. Schewe
District Board of Appeals Chairman: Rev. Ross H. Else
District Board of Appeals Pastor: Rev. Adam J. Horneber
District Board of Appeals Teacher: Teacher E. John Fredrich
District Board of Appeals Layman: Mr. David H. Miller
District Nominating Committee Chairman: Rev. Joshua E. Stahmann
District Nominating Committee Apache: Rev. Adam J. Horneber
District Nominating Committee Black Canyon: Rev. Hernandez L. Daylo Jr.
District Nominating Committee Gadsden # 1 (4 years): Rev. Matthew J. Langebartels
District Nominating Committee Gadsden # 2 (2 years): Rev. David L. Parsons
District Nominating Committee Northern California: Teacher Richard A. De Frain
District Nominating Committee Southern California: Rev. Timothy D. Wempner

The 2018 approved ballot is archived here.
Nominee biographies are archived here
Position descriptions are archived here.

Circuit Pastors
Apache: Rev. Adam J. Horneber
Grand Canyon: Rev. Korey P. VanKampen
Phoenix Metro East: Rev. Ross H. Else
Phoenix Metro West: Rev. John R. Sprain
Superstition Mountains: Rev. Martin P. Spaude
Golden Gate: Rev. Timothy J. Shrimpton
Sierra: Rev. David L. Waterstradt
Las Vegas: Rev. Andrew W. Mueller
Los Angeles: Rev. James N. Proeber
Orange: Rev. Daniel M. Wagenknecht
San Diego: Rev. James M. Werner
Rio Grande: Rev. Daniel G. Baumler
Saguaro: Rev. Nathan P. Kassulke

Elections began on Monday, June 11, and concluded on Tuesday, June 12.

2019 Synod Convention Delegates
The adopted list of delegates can be found here.

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