We invite researchers at an early stage of their career (no age limit) to submit a 2-page position paper.

This should include their past, present and future work, a short bio, and topic suggestions for discussions. Poster presentation by all participants is expected. However, posters need only present current work and not necessarily be from a published paper.

We invite broad participation. Example submission topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Models of dialogue: statistical, symbolic, and hybrid approaches
  • Evaluation methodology for dialogue systems
  • Semantics, pragmatics, and context in dialogue systems
  • Incremental spoken dialogue systems
  • Situated interaction with virtual and robotic agents
  • Psycholinguistic influences on dialogue system design
  • Establishing social relationships and engagement with the user
  • Data collection and dataset sharing for statistical models
  •  Industry development cycles, requirements, and applications

All submissions must follow the two-column ACL 2017 format. We strongly recommend the use of ACL LaTeX style template or Microsoft Word style template from the ACL 2017 conference. Submissions must conform to the official ACL 2017 style guidelines, which are contained in these templates. Submissions must be electronic, in PDF format.

As in most previous years, submissions will not be anonymous. Papers may include authors’ names and affiliations, and self-references are allowed. Since the submission is not anonymous, please use the final copy option of the ACL style file.


The position papers will be reviewed by a member of the organizing committee and at least one member of the advisory committee.
  • We will check if the applicant research interests are suitable for them to take part in YRRSDS.
  • We will select the topics of interest pointed out by the applicants and prepare the program according to that.
  • We will provide feedback on the position paper and might contribute with ideas to the applicant research.

Submission open: June 15th
Submission deadline: June 30th
Author notification: July 14th
Registration opens: July 17th
Roundtable: August 13th and 14th