2015-19 Title IV-B Training Plans

2015-19 Title IV-B Training Plans

Click on each state's underlined name in order to access their 2015-2019 Child and Family Services Plan which contains a section specific to Training. Note: Some States reference a separate Attachment, we have provided those as an additional document.

We have also included key contacts for each states Child and Family Services Review process. Often the need for training is identified in federal CFSR reviews and associated Program Improvement Plans. These contacts have been verified as of February 2017. Links to each states most recent Final CFSR Review and associated Program Improvement Plans are provided in the document attached at the bottom of the page.

It is our hope that by offering these documents in a single location, states will have easy access to other states within their federal region.


-Training Plan: pp 47-53
-CFSR & PIP Contact: Fernando J. Muniz

-Training Plan: pp 174-178
-CFSR Contact: Theresa Dube

Massachusetts (Region 1)
-Training Plan: pp 341-422
-PIP Contact: Liz Skinner-Reilly

-Training Plan: pp 38-51
-CFSR Contact: Kimberly Crowe

Rhode Island (Region 1)
-Training Plan: pp 120-128
-Child & Family Services Plan Contact: Kim Sande

-Training Plan: pp 66-94
-CFSR & Program Improvement Plan Contact: Suzanne Shibley


-Training Plan: pp 676-687
-CFSR Contact: Donna Younkin
-Training Plan: pp 119-143
-CFSR & Program Improvement Plan Contact: Renee R. Hallock


-Training Plan: pp 107-108
-PIP Contact: Rishaunda Ewings

-Training Plan: pp 55-58
-CFSR & PIP Plan: Keith Zirkle

Maryland (Region 3)
-Training Plan: pp 121-135
-CFSR Contact: Audrey McLendon

-Training Plan: pp 277-290
-CFSR Contact: Natalie Perrin

-Training Plan: pp 145-165

-Training Plan: pp 193-232
-Program Improvement Plan Contact: Barbara Blumish


Alabama (Region 4)
-Training Plan: pp 112-157
-CFSR & PIP Contact: Larry Dean

Florida (Region 4)
-Training Plan: pp 239-312
-CFSR & PIP Contact: Sallie Bond

-Training Plan: pp 65-69
-CFSR & PIP Contact: Susan W. Denney

-Training Plan: pp 40-41 (references ASPR 2013 Course Index)

-Training Plan: pp 36-38
-PIP Contact: Tamara Garner

-Training Plan: pp 18-19
-CFSR Contact: Candice Britt

Tennessee (Region 4)

-Training Plan: pp 154-160
-CFSR & PIP Contact: Jim Van Leer
-Training Plan: pp 156-196

Michigan (Region 5)
-Training Plan: pp 52-57
-CFSR Contact: Mary Mehren

-Training Plan: pp 87-92

-Training Plan: pp 53-60
-Child & Family Services Plan Contact: Jane Penner-Hoppe

-Training Plan: pp 107-122

-Training Plan: pp 160-167
-CFSR Contact: Bridget S. Clark

-Training Plan: pp 20-21

-Training Plan: pp 119-138
-CFSR Contact: HC Franklin
-Training Plan: pp 242-451
-CFSR Contact: Elizabeth Kromrei


-Training Plan: pp 197-222
-CFSR Contact: Kara Lynn H. Regula

-Training Plan: pp 85-87
-Title IV-E Program contact: Tony Scott
-Training Plan: pp 35-38

-Training Plan: Appendix B pp 163-207

-Training Plan: pp 76-80

-Training Plan: pp 58-67

South Dakota (Region 8)

-Training Plan: pp 94-98
-Child & Family Services Plan Contact: Cosette Mills

-Training Plan: pp 123-133
-Program Improvement Plan Contact: Karla McClaren


-Training Plan: pp 101-115
-CFSR & PIP Contact: Katherine Guffey

California (Region 9)
-Training Plan: pp 139-175
-CFSR Contact: Greg Rose


-Training Plan: pp 32-38
-CFSR & PIP Contact: Karilee Pietz

Idaho (Region 10)
-Training Plan: pp 165-195
-CFSR Contacts: Miren Unsworth and Michelle Weir

-Training Plan: pp 166-179
-CFSR Contact: Angela Long

Washington (Region 10)
-CFSR & Program Improvement Plan Contact: Deborah Purce

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Feb 9, 2017, 12:16 PM