The Honor Of Your Presence Is Requested at the 
2017 Stealth Fighter Reunion! 
Join us in Las Vegas, Nevada on 23 June 2017 to reconnect with friends with whom you share a profoundly unique experience:  a common bond bound by the unprecedented technology behind 59 of the world's first operational stealth aircraft.  All of you made the most of the opportunities the Nighthawk presented you during your tenure and you served with pride, conviction and commitment.  Your impact in the F-117A program was the basis upon which subsequent stealth fighters have been successfully designed and fielded.  It may have been a year, years or even a decade or more since you have seen your fellow F-117 comrades.   Don't miss out on this opportunity to reestablish friendships born from a community formed in the strictest of secrecy, attend a well-planned event, tell (and hear) tall tales, reminisce, play some golf, see the sights, or maybe just relax!  Contact people you'd really like to see again and find a way to meet them in Vegas in 2017!!!

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