General Information

All teams must wear proper uniforms as outlined in the SONC Rules & Guidelines for each sport.  Failure to wear such uniforms will result in the athlete being deemed ineligible and/or the team being disqualified.

Protests can only be made concerning the failure of an official to properly apply the rule to a given situation, or the failure to impose the correct penalty for a given violation. Judgment calls and improper score entries are not conditions for a protest.  If a Head Coach wishes to file a protest, Protest Forms will be available at each venue and should be turned in to the Venue Director for the specific sport immediately following the occurrence in question.

Final Results & Awards
All final results will be considered official upon completion of competition at each sports venue and after all protests have been resolved.  SONC tiebreaker rules, as detailed in the SONC Rules & Guidelines for each sport, will be employed in each sport, as necessary, to determine final results.  Award Ceremonies will be held at the venues directly following competition.  Medals will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place and ribbons for 4th through 8th place. Those who complete the competition but are disqualified shall receive a Participation ribbon.  Relay teams in Swimming and Track & Field which are disqualified in a preliminary race will have the option to participate in the final race, but only for Participation.

Inclement Weather
All competition will be conducted under appropriate weather and/or field conditions.  Each Venue Director has the authority to suspend competition due to unsafe conditions.  Schedules may be adjusted if the forecast calls for extreme weather conditions.  For weather updates, please click here.

Residence Hall Telephone services
There will be no telephone access in the Residence Halls (Dorms)

Laundry Rooms with card-operated washers and dryers are locat
ed in each Residence Hall building.  Cards can be purchased at the Segundo Service Desk.

Lost & Found

Any found clothing, equipment and other valuables should be turned in to Games Headquarters (Regan Main).  If you have lost an item, please check with Games HQ Volunteers as well as the Segundo Service Desk.