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Probability the year ends well (Spain)

BUSI3007 - Business Research Methods
Dr Patrick TOCHE (Coordinator) 
    Office WLB514, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, 
    The Baptist University of Hong Kong, 
    34 Renfrew Rd, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong SAR.
    Contact: patricktoche@hkbu.edu.hk
    Office Hours: See below


The aim of this course is to introduce students to research methods. Material for the course will be uploaded here as it becomes available. 

1. Outline & Timetables   

[PDF]   Course weekly timetable with office hours 
[PDF]   Course calendar week by week (multiple pages)
[PDF]   Course outline week by week (single page)
[PDF]   Course syllabus and topics
[PDF]   Course learning outcomes
[PDF]   Course template
[PDF]   University academic calendar

2. On Being Late to Class     [VIDEO]    IMPORTANT!

You may enter the classroom within 15 minutes of the starting time under these conditions: Make eye contact and wave a discrete hand of apology as you enter the classroom. After the 15-minute tolerance period, wait for the next class break to enter (at half past the hour every hour). 


1. Take-Home Projects   [20%] 

The project is due Friday 23rd November 2018 at 12:20pm in DLB302, exact time or EARLIER. MUST BE HANDED TO ME IN PERSON. Please contact me in person if you have any questions about the project (see my timetable above). I will stop answering questions about the projects two days before the deadline. The questions will be uploaded about 4 weeks before the deadline, shortly after the midterm. Project directory:  [PROJECT [UPDATES:15 Nov 2018] 

2. In-Class Midterm   [20%]

Scheduled for Saturday 27 October 2018 at 10:00am. Open book. Duration 2 hours. No make-up midterm will be offered: in case of an absence, your final exam grade will be used as a midterm grade. I will stop answering questions about the midterm three days before the deadline. MC sheets that do not pass the scanner will be manually graded at the end of the semester. Fill out the multiple-choice sheets properly. Use a gray pencil, not a pen. Examples of invalid multiple-choice sheets: [Example 1]   [Example 2]. Topics covered: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from the list below. Password-protected content: [SCORES] 

3. Participation   [10%]

Participation in class, in the labs, and evidence of effort is rewarded. I may monitor attendance at random times (especially during lab sessions). 

4. Final   [50%] 

[PDF]   A sample to illustrate the layout. This is a closed-book book examination. This Appendix will be distributed to you on exam day. Only a simple calculator will be allowed. Please refer to end-of-chapter problems and to the sample of model answers provided. I will stop answering questions about the final five days before the deadline. Please refer to the solved problems below and this short list of concepts for revision [PDF]. Information about the date and place of the final examination will be added here as it becomes available. 


Model answers and raw scores for the midterm will be provided in anonymous files. The password will be communicated in person only. You may not circulate the model answers on outside websites or via email. Please get back to me about problems. Grades will be computed from your scores and will become official a few days after they are uploaded to the system. 

LECTURES [Handout + Slides + Labs]

On days marked LAB we meet in the computer lab DLB302 

1.   Introduction to Statistics

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab]

2.   Probability - Basic Concepts & Rules

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab]

3.   Data - Frequency Tables & Histograms

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab]

4.   Data - Centrality & Dispersion + LAB 

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]    [Lab]

5.   Data - Asymmetry & Quantiles

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]    [Lab]

6.   Probability - Discrete & Continuous Distributions + LAB 

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab

7.   Methods - Sampling & Inference + LAB

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab]

8.   Estimation - Confidence Intervals

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems  [Lab] 

9.   Estimation - Hypothesis Testing

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab]

10. Estimation - Statistical Correlation + LAB

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab]

11. Estimation - Multiple Regression LAB

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Lab]

12. Methods - Data Collection & Survey Design

      [Handout]   [Slides]   [Problems]   [Videos]

13. Econometric Applications & Problems


++  Introduction to R

      [Get Started]   [Get Data]  


1. Main Textbook
Douglas A. Lind, William G Marchal, Samuel A. Wathen, Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics, The McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Operations and Decision Sciences, 17th edition (2017), 978-1259666360.

2. Other Textbook
William G. Zikmund, Barry J. Babin, Jon C. Carr, Mitch Griffin, Business Research Methods, South-Western, 9th edition (2013), 978-1439080672.




1. Applewood Auto Group Dataset

   [Applewood.xlsx]   Lind, 17th edition

2. Major League Baseball Dataset

   [Major_League_Baseball_2016.xlsx]   Lind, 17th edition

3. North Valley Real Estate Dataset

  [Real_Estate.xlsx]   Lind, 17th edition

4. American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses

  [Aspan_Membership.xls]   Lind, 15th edition   

5. McGivern Jewellers Dataset

  [McGivern_Jewellery.xls]   Lind, 15th edition


You are welcome to switch sessions, subject to space in the classroom. Naturally students who are actually enrolled in the session will be given priority. 

Mon 09:30 - 12:20 : DLB712  + DLB302 (Labs)
Mon 15:30 - 18:20 : DLB712  + DLB302 (Labs)
Tue  09:30 - 12:20 : DLB712  + DLB302 (Labs)
Wed 15:30 - 18:20 : DLB712  + DLB302 (Labs)
Fri    09:30 - 12:20 : DLB712  + DLB302 (Labs)


Please help me adhere to the following time management. Thanks!

09:30 - 12:20 Sessions
09:30  Start
10:20  Break 1
10:30  Re-start
11:20  Break 2
11:30  Re-start
12:20  Stop

12:30 - 15:20 Sessions
12:30  Start
13:20  Break 1
13:30  Re-start
14:20  Break 2
14:30  Re-start
15:20  Stop

14:30 - 17:20 Sessions
14:30  Start
15:20  Break 1
15:30  Re-start
16:20  Break 2
16:30  Re-start
17:20  Stop

15:30 - 18:20 Sessions
15:30  Start
16:20  Break 1
16:30  Re-start
17:20  Break 2
17:30  Re-start
18:20  Stop