2 Months in New Zealand: Thoughts & Itinerary

I had a friend in Australia that I had been thinking about visiting for several years.  A trip so far away required some extra planning as I wanted to take my time, allowing for 3 months or more.  I had to officially retire and remove myself from projects that required me to be home at a certain time. 

Last year I tried a two month vacation in Wales & Ireland to see what issues might come up from being away from home for such a long time.  I learned from that trip to carry a spare credit card!  

So this year was the time to take the leap and venture to the other side of the world.  

I would only visit Australia for one month -- Flying to Melbourne, Uluru and Cairns, then return back to Auckland to fly back to the States. The OZ travelogue will be separate from this one about NZ.

NZ has three islands: North, South & Stewart. I managed to get to all three islands but missed seeing the most northern and eastern sides.  Check the box for next time.

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North Island
Saturday 4/1/2017 Arrive Auckland 
Sunday 4/2/2017 Auckland Zoo
Monday 4/3/2017 Auckland Library, Film “The Deadlands”, Auckland Art Museum
Tuesday 4/4/2017 Travel to Hahei - Hike to Cathedral Cove in the pouring rain from Cyclone Debbie, and a BBQ
Wednesday 4/5/2017 Hahei - Sunrise beach, A card game, DJ
Thursday 4/6/2017 Bridal falls, Fish n chips, Travel to Raglan. Glow worms at the hostel
Friday 4/7/2017 Waitomo cave adventure, Hobbiton, Travel to Rotorua
Saturday 4/8/2017 Rotorua - Kuakuri park, open market, Mitai cultural hanpi feast
Sunday 4/9/2017 Rotorua - Zipline Rainforest Canopy tour
Monday 4/10/2017 Rotorua - Wai o tapu thermal wonderland
Tuesday 4/11/2017 Travel to Lake Aniwhenua, hongi hanpi, seeing the oldest cave carvings
Wednesday 4/12/2017 Travel to Taupo, Huka falls
Thursday 4/13/2017 Taking a regular bus to Wellington
Friday 4/14/2017 Wellington - Harbour walk
Saturday 4/15/2017 Wellington -  Portrait gallery, Te papa, Nomads bar Stray bus farewell
Sunday 4/16/2017 Wellington -  Fine Arts Institute, W museum
Monday 4/17/2017 Wellington - W museum, Te Papa
South Island
Tuesday 4/18/2017 Ferry to S. Island. Bus from Picton to Abel Tasman National Park
Wednesday 4/19/2017 Abel Tasman - A portion of a great walk - Anchorage to Marahu 
Thursday 4/20/2017 Travel to Westport, overlooks, Foul wind lighthouse, a walk to see seals
Friday 4/21/2017 Overlooks, a 15 min beach walk, a cave, pancakes, Travel to Franz Josef
Saturday 4/22/2017 Franz Josef Glacier, Roberts point walk
Sunday 4/23/2017 Lake Matheson walk, Travel to Wanaka, a $35 boat ride on the lake.
Monday 4/24/2017 Wanaka - Mt Iron sunset walk
Tuesday 4/25/2017 Wanaka - Transfer to yha hostel, Sunset walk around the Lake, Movie "What we do in the Shadows", "Revenant"
Wednesday 4/26/2017 Wanaka - walk to Eely point at sunset, Movie "Gold"
Thursday 4/27/2017 Wanaka - walk to Waterfall creek at sunset, Movie "Cuban fury"
Friday 4/28/2017 Wanaka - walk to Bremner bay at sunset, Movie "Life of Pi"
Saturday 4/29/2017 Travel to Queenstown, Puzzle world visit, having homemade cherry ice cream, watching bungy jumpers
Sunday 4/30/2017 Travel to Te Anau 
Monday 5/1/2017 Te Anau - Fiordlands National Park Bird Sanctuary – Meet the Takahe
Tuesday 5/2/2017 Doubtful Sound overnight Cruise
Wednesday 5/3/2017
Thursday 5/4/2017 Glow worm cave cruise
Friday 5/5/2017
Saturday 5/6/2017 Milford Sound overnight cruise
Sunday 5/7/2017
Steward Island
Monday 5/8/2017 Te Anau to Steward Island
Tuesday 5/9/2017
Wednesday 5/10/2017 Rakiura Great Walk, kiwi screaming in the dead of night
Thursday 5/11/2017 Rakiura Great Walk return
Friday 5/12/2017 Exploring Ulva Island. Movie "The Notebook"
Saturday 5/13/2017 Movie "Hot Fuzz"
Sunday 5/14/2017 Movie "Boy"
Monday 5/15/2017 Ackers point
Tuesday 5/16/2017 walk to cemetery and Moturau Moana Gardens
Wednesday 5/17/2017 Making spinach lasagna
Thursday 5/18/2017 Movie "Hunt for the Wilder People"
South Island
Friday 5/19/2017 Steward Island to Bluff, Bluff Oyster Festival, stray bus to Queenstown, snow and a fergburger
Saturday 5/20/2017 Queenstown to Mount Cook, Tasman glacier, star gazing tour
Sunday 5/21/2017 Mount Cook to Christchurch
Monday 5/22/2017 Canterbury Museum
Tuesday 5/23/2017 Canterbury Museum
Wednesday 5/24/2017 Canterbury Museum
Thursday 5/25/2017 Transit to Melbourne, Australia
25 May to 27 June, Australia - Another travelogue
Tuesday 6/27/2017 Flight to Auckland from Cairns, Australia
Wednesday 6/28/2017 Auckland - Arataki National Park, Karekare beach, Piha beach
Thursday 6/29/2017 Flight to Los Angeles, then to Baltimore