Waze Cafe

What is a Waze Cafe?
The Waze Cafe are small (10-15 Wazers), community-organized events where local editors meet to collaborate on any editing/community issue.

When is my communities Waze Cafe?
If your community has a confirmed date for a Waze Cafe, it will be listed on the Meetup Calendar and on the list of registered meetups.
If not, feel free to post about scheduling one on your Local Community Forum

Who should come?
Depends on the goal of the Waze Cafe! 
Here are a few ideas: 
  • Small communities, who are just starting to form, gather to discuss important topics.
  • Get-together of local champs/top editors in a specific community, or region.
  • Users who have specific issues relevant to their area or country.
  • Local Wiki community members who'd like to gather and discuss Wiki organization and growth.
Can a community organize more than one Waze Cafe per year?

How do I plan a Waze Cafe? 
Reach out to your community coordinator, or post about it in your local forum.
Your community leadership (champs) are responsible for reaching out to your Waze Community Manager to register the event.

How much in advance does Waze need to know about the meetup? 
Waze needs to know at least 3 weeks in advanced. 

What's covered by Waze? 

Waze covers the cost of food/beverage (dinner/lunch). Please note that Waze Cafes are typically held in casual environments such as restaurant/ coffee place and Waze does not reimburse venues such as hotel conference spaces.

Will Waze staff come to our Waze Cafe?
Generally Waze staff does not attend Waze Cafes, unless they happen to be in the area. 

Does Waze send SWAG? 
As a general rule, no. However, email your community manager and ask since we may have extras that can be mailed out.