The first parts of this course will be quite guided. 
You will get more freedom as we progress.


There are 3 parts in this section:



Everybody (unless stated otherwise):

Study page 6. Explain what is said about the following things (in Finnish):

What do you know? Take the quiz on pp. 7-9 in pairs/small groups. Make sure you use an online dictionary if you don’t understand something! (there are some in the LINKS section). Note - this quiz is several pages long! Google the answers if you don't know!

The English alphabet (there is one (1!!) alphabet with 26 letters). Watch the video, then study p. 92 and do section 1 on p. 93.

The alphabet song

only EXPERT: p. 99, ex.2

Everybody: Role Play! (groups of 2: student A & student B)


study.JPGDownload the app!


study.JPGDownload the sound files for Insights 1 (opiskelijan äänite)
(on your laptop/phone - they’re mp3 files)

You can also just click the APP and listen to the sound files!

study.JPGJust by talking about something, you will remember 50%!

Check out the pyramid on p. 97!

EXTRA - Are you a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner?

SURVIVAL: read p. 101
STANDARD: do this test
EXPERT: do this test

study.JPGEverybody: study p. 101:
ways to make your learning more effective (and check out the pictures below)


Introduce yourself! (the link opens a mind map with suggestions - you do not have to write about everything and you can also write about other things! The themes are you, your home & family, your previous & present school, your hobbies, your summer holiday)
SURVIVAL: write about 75 words
STANDARD: write about 100 words
EXPERT: write about 150 words

Add a wordcount!