Registration closed

We will make our selection available April 15th 2016.

Registration fee

The registration fee will have a maximum of 400,- euro. Together with our sponsors, we strive to get this as low as 350,-. The registration fee includes all conference costs (three days and nights - Wednesday morning till Saturday morning - at the conference venue, including hotel and food). Only transport to and from the conference has to be paid for by the participant.

Early registration

We have selected 115 participants from our early registration.

If you have been selected, an e-mail is send to you to congratulate you with your participation in this meeting. Additional information and a payment request to complete your registration will follow. Also, you will be asked to answer a few questions, and to hand in a picture and a visual abstract for the card-calling game.

Registration fee waivers and Travel Grants 

All Grants and fee waivers have been awarded and recipients have been notified.