Welcome to Edcamp New Life Ranch! We're so glad you are here and we are excited about what this day has in store for you. Edcamp operates on a few basic guidelines and, if followed, transforms the participants. At New Life Ranch, we call them “The We Wills!”

The We-Wills of Edcamp New Life Ranch
  • We will be responsible for our learning. 
    • Sessions are created by the participants who serve as facilitators rather than presenters. Answer the question: What is a question or two I would like answered? Now, take steps to get it answered. It might be in a session or it might be connecting with an educator from another school on the porch. Edcamps operate under the law of two feet. This means if you are in a session and it is not what you thought it was going to be, you have the freedom to use your feet and find something that you need. You are investing your time, make sure and get what is needed!
  • We will check our ego at the door.
    • A big part of learning is admitting we need to learn something. Start by admitting help is needed. Next, share an idea you have or one you’ve heard about. Chances are, someone might grab ahold of it and put it to use. However, sometimes our ideas are not needed; that’s ok! Let’s just jump into the day and see what we can learn!
  • We will create an atmosphere of generosity.
    • Generosity, like a smile, is contagious. Sharing good ideas, times of failure, and lessons learned helps everyone. Each educator has the same goal: educate students. This is more than a time to air frustrations. Edcamp is a time to gather and begin solving real challenges.
  • We will trust the process.
    • The Edcamp process will stretch some - if not all - the participants. Conferences normally contain a schedule and a well-defined group of presentations, which often do not provide what is really needed. We will have to express our needs and work hard at finding some answers. We will also need to be generous with our experiences and helpful to others. We might even need to listen to someone new to the field, as they can have some great ideas! We have a structure and will have a schedule of some good, pertinent sessions. We just have to trust the process! 
  • We will have fun!
    • Anytime educators get together, fun happens! A great people, good food, plenty of coffee, and a good game plan leads to a great day!

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