ECO-5 Graduate Student Workshop
April 16 2016 at MIT
 Building 32 (Stata center) room D461 (4th floor, Dreyfoos tower)

(+after-dinner party at Juliet's house: 146 Coolidge St. #1, Brookline)

9:15-9:40          Breakfast

9:40-9:45          Opening Remarks

9:45-10:15        Gabriel Martinez-Vera (UConn) [Abstract]

                           “The morphology of Spanish future”

10:15-10:45      Annamarie van Dooren (Maryland) [Abstract]

                           “Dutch cars need washed too!”

10:45-11:15      Deniz Ozyildiz (UMass) [Abstract]

                           “Factivity alternates, at least in Turkish”

11:15-11:30      Break

11:30-12:00      Nadine Balbach, Jeremy Hartman & Thomas Roeper (UMass) [Abstract]

 “Everyone but me’—Children Acquiring the different notions of but in Quantified Sentences”

12:00-12:30      Tiffany Yang (Harvard) [Abstract]

                           “LF Movement of the Interrogative Disjunction Operator”

12:30-13:00      Gesoel Mendes (Maryland) [Abstract]

                           “Quantifiers, negation and ellipsis resolution: a view from reverse particles”

13:00-14:00      Lunch

14:00-14:30     Polina Berezovskaya (Tübingen/UMass) [Abstract]

                          Processing Ambiguous Degree Constructions Cross-Linguistically

14:30-15:00     Snejana Iovtcheva (MIT) [Abstract]

                          “Possessors and definiteness effects in Bulgarian”

15:00-15:15      Break

15:15-15:45      Suyoung Bae (Maryland) [Abstract]

                           “Revisiting the nature of Scrambling in Korean: Evidence from anaphor binding”

15:45-16:15     Akihiko Arano (UConn) [Abstract]

                          “Headless VP-movement in Japanese”  

16:15-16:45      Pasha Koval (UConn) [Abstract]

                           “Intense Slavic Transgenders”

16:45-17:00      Break

17:00-17:30      Gunnar Lund (Harvard) [Abstract]

                           “Object Markers in Northwest Caucasian: Agreement or Clitic Doubling” 

17:30-18:00      Lena Borise (Harvard) [Abstract]

                           “Phrase accent L as a focus marker in Georgian”

 18:00-18:30     Business meeting

 18:30                Dinner 

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