With the world population projected to grow significantly over the next few decades, and in the presence of additional stress caused by climate change and urbanization, securing the essential resources of food, energy and water, is one of the most pressing challenges the world faces today. There is an increasing priority placed by the U.N. and U.S. federal agencies on efforts to ensure the security of these critical resources, understand their interactions and address common underlying agenda. At the heart of the technological challenge is data science on a multitude of environmental and other data sources.

Recognizing the need for orchestrated efforts to address the many interrelated data scientific challenges for the security of Food, Energy and Water, the goal of this workshop will be three-fold: 1. To introduce the emerging area of “data science for food, water and energy (DS-FEW)” to the KDD community; 2. To invite scientists and practitioners in the FEW domains to the KDD community, and interest them in leveraging our technology and expertise; 3. To innovate new technology, leveraging existing KDD technology where appropriate, to address the challenges we face in FEW, by bringing together a multi-disciplinary audience and enticing them to synergize. 

The workshop will take place on August 14th as part of the KDD 2016 conference.

*This workshop is supported, in part, by the CCC (Computing Community Consortium) and the Midwest Big Data Hub (through their generous sponsorship of the travel fund.