The 2016 Conference at VMI. 
Anatomy of a War Experience: 
Vietnam, 1967-1968 – 
Tet and the Turning Point
April 16, 2016

               Photographs from the 2016 Conference at VMI are now available, as is the article describing the Conference that appeared in the Roanoke Times (April 14, 2016). 

              The Conference video has been organized into eleven segments, corresponding to each speaker and the Panel Discussion. To view, please just click on the respective image.
 Al Claiborne and Dan Moore
 Frank Libutti
 Andrew Finlayson
 Richard Shepard
 Marian Faye Novak
 Ron Morgan
 Jim McGinty
 Joseph Thomas
 George Herring
 Joseph Galloway
 Kilo Company - 48 Years Later

              For further details regarding the stories behind these posters, which were presented at the VMI Conference held on April 16, 2016, please contact Al Claiborne, by E-Mail to  Thank you.

VMI Conference Brochure


Al Claiborne, Ph.D.
Dan Moore, Ph.D.,
LtCol., USMCR             (Retired)
April 16, 2016
Marshall Hall, VMI Hall of Valor


 LtGen. Frank Libutti
USMC (Retired)
CEO and President
PS&S Global, LLC
 Prof. Joseph Thomas
Class of '61 Professor of Leadership Education
US Naval Academy

April 16, 2016          VMI Hall of Valor

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