Welcome to the BCtechquity Symposium Site for K-12 Education Leaders
Equity, Technology, Innovation and the New Curriculum: 

The symposium is over, and this site serves as an archive of the day's discussion.  
The event's focus was on dialogue and transitioning new curriculum, technology, and social assets in service of equitable learning for all students.

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Critical Question:
  • How are you leading change and supporting teachers to leverage technological advances and social assets in service of equitable learning for all students in British Columbia?

Afternoon Table Questions

Facilitated discussion on themes and issues derived from the morning session.  Table talk questions:

  1. How are technological advances influencing - and perhaps also hindering - systems change needed to transform teaching and learning in our schools?
  2. What assets do our students and families bring to their learning, and how do our various systems draw upon these cultural assets to transform education?
  3. How do our leadership practices ensure that all students in our schools have equitable access to - and participation in - high-quality learning experiences?
  4. What is our school/district/university’s equity vision? And what first step will allow us to enact this vision as a reality?
Link to Google Docs with discussion summary for above questions: http://bit.ly/BCtechquity