3 Days in Vegas

“Hold on for a special offer from our sponsors.”  I had just reserved a hotel stay for a convention in Denver for May the old fashioned way, by telephone, and this announcement came at the end of my phone call. The offer was to check out the Holiday Inns Timeshare in Vegas for 2 free nights at their vacation resort.  Sure, why not?

Found a victim to go with me and we decided the first week in April would work for both of us.

I had another free hotel night to use so that made it a full 3 day trip for us.  

We arrived in Vegas, Sunday evening (4/3/16).  I was fighting a sore throat. It seems that I'd be suffering from a cold all this trip.  Got the car rental and  Cheryl was hungry so we stopped to get her some fast food on the way to the Travelodge.  We also stopped to take a pic of the “Welcome to Vegas” sign.  It's too dark to get a photo of us in front of it without a good flash camera.  

Photo courtesy of Cheryl's cell phone

Checked into the Travelodge by 9:30 pm. It was too late to do anything in my book as it is actually 3 hours later as I'm still on Eastern Daylight Time. Cheryl took advantage of the pool being open until 11pm and went for a night swim. 

The staff at the airport had told us about the special event at Death Valley.  Appears that the desert conditions only become correct about once every ten years for wildflowers to bloom and we just happen to hit it at the right time.   Added that to the must-do list!

DAY 1 - Shots of Death Valley & Rhyolite Ghost Town

DAY 2 - The High Roller Ferris Wheel Ride

DAY 3 - Britney Spears: A Piece of Me Show