Mornings will be devoted to plenary lectures and afternoons to four parallel topical seminars, plus
one session of contributed talks. 
  • Morning lectures will be in the Ballroom of the University Guest House
  • Afternoon sessions will be in SFEBB (Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building)
Tentative schedules are given week by week; please click on the appropriate link below to access to each weekly schedule.

Plenary speakers:  Cantat, Donaldson, Hacon, MᶜKernan, Voisin
Seminar organizers: Boucksom, Eisenbud, Kawamata, Kebekus, Kollár, Voisin 
Themes: analytic methods, birational geometry and classification, commutative algebra and computational algebraic geometry, Hodge theory, singularities and characteristic p methods 

Plenary speakers: Bridgeland, Gross, Kontsevich, Lurie, Ngô, Okounkov, Pandharipande
Seminar organizers: Bhatt, Huybrechts, Maulik, Nadler, Payne, Werner
Themes:  derived algebraic geometry, derived categories, geometric representation theory, Gromov-Witten and Donaldson-Thomas theories, mirror symmetry, tropical geometry

Plenary speakers: Esnault, Kisin, Scholze, Zhang
Seminar organizers:  Colliot-Thélène, Kedlaya, Kim, Shin, Poonen, Totaro
Themes:  algebraic cycles, cohomology theories, p-adic Hodge theory, rational points and Diophantine problems, topology of algebraic varieties