Participant Information

AMS site for participants
If you are not redirected automatically, follow the link to the AMS page.
Participation is by invitation only. We have invited as many people for weeks one and
two as our lecture halls can hold. Note that 1000 people have sought to attend and we
have seats only for 600. Please contact the organizers if you have questions about the
status of your application or registration.

Conference fees
Participants, including seminar speakers and organizers, will have to pay registration fees
of $30 per week (for young people) and $60 per week (for people receiving their degree
before 2010). These must be paid in advance through the AMS website; they cannot be
paid on site.


Please note that participants are responsible for arranging child care and family care
on their own. The AMS does not make recommendations for child care providers. The
following are listed for your convenience in finding a sitter, temporary nanny, or drop-in
day care.  The zip codes closest to the University of Utah and downtown Salt Lake City
are 84101, 84103, 84111, 84112, and 84116.

Care about Childcare or (801) 355-4847.
We have enough funding for only a fraction of all participants. Offers of financial support
will be made with invitations.

Invited participants will receive housing information packets from AMS. This includes both
on-campus and off-campus options. On campus housing is no longer available.

Please register as a participant at American Mathematical Society Registration page, even if you
do not require funding or are organizing or invited to speak in a seminar. We need accurate
information on the number of participants each week of the program. Please note there are
three separate registration streams, for seminar organizers and speakers, young people, and
general participants.   Deadline: January 15, 2015 - Registration is now closed.