2015 Peace for the Sea Camp

Information of “Peace for Sea International Peace Camp in Okinawa” 

for all people seeking peace

Dear brothers and sisters,

This year is the important 70th year after the Battle of Okinawa in which Okinawa became the “scapegoat of defending the mainland and protecting the emperor system. “ From the experience of the Battle of Okinawa, we learned that “the military doesn’t protect the people” and the lesson that “nothing is more important than life” (Nuchi du takara). We are accumulating people’s solidarity across the sea with people of the world who desire peace without war. Okinawa is the breathing island of “peace, human rights, and environment.”    

But, recently because of the US military influence focusing on Asia, our peaceful living rights have been threatened more than before, as in our daily life we are facing damage from the base. Through the form of the construction of bases on islands along the borders, the MD (Missile Defense) system led by the US is progressing at a rapid pace, causing pressure on people’s lives and military tension in this area.

In Henoko, in response to the enforcement of the new base construction by the two governments of Japan and the US, governor Onaga, elected last year, is leading the “All Okinawa” resistance action. Also, in Jeju island where the Peace Island Declaration was made from the history of the April 3rd incident, the residents and activists are continuously resisting against the Gangjeong Naval Base construction and militarism. We hope to make the islands in the seas of East Asia to become peace islands without armed conflict. This cannot just be made by the islanders of each island; this is the issue which should be achieved by the solidarity and cooperation of all the islands in the area of East Asia.

For this purpose, last year in Gangjeong village, Jeju Island, and this year from Sep 19th to 22nd, in the Sedake beach, Henoko, Okinawa, we are holding the “Peace for Sea International Peace Camp”. Please all join us to share the damages and sufferings of militarization in your islands and to spread the hope for Peace Islands.

In this Peace Camp, we will visit Okinawa historical sites, and in places of struggle we are preparing programs for deepening concrete exchange and solidarity. We will participate in the sea activities to stop the Henoko Base construction. And also we will make time for self-introduction and sharing the culture and art of each area among the participants.

Through this camp, we hope to shine a bright light for peace and hope for the islands and seas in East Asia. The programs which we prepared are as follows:

The preparation team of Peace Island International Camp/ Okinawa Korea People’s Solidarity/ Etc. May 15th, 2015 from Henoko, Okinawa