About the Retreat

The aggregates and dhammanupassana

Location:    Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Medlow Bath

Schedule:    Friday 13 February 5 pm, to Sunday 22 February after lunch             

Cost:          $750

                  Plus dana

Our practice will focus on the  aggregates (khanda), and the practice  of 

dhammanupassana, internally, externally, and both. 

This retreat is suitable for meditators who have at least 28 days of vipassanā retreat 

experience (e.g., three nine day retreats).

Click here for more information and to find out how to register. 

Only two places left (for males).

This retreat is offered in the Buddhist tradition of dana. The teachers receive no payment and offer their time, energy, and wisdom as a gift to their students. Donations offered by the students at the end of the retreat support the teachers’ livelihoods.