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Social events

There will be two social events related to the GLOW colloquium:

Conference wine-and-cheese reception    
On Wednesday April 15th, we will have a welcome reception. It will start at 18:30 on the main conference site (included in the registration fee).

Conference party
On Friday April 17th, we will have a conference party (to be paid with the registration, 40 euros). The party will start at 19:30 at Les Voutes, located at 19 rue des Frigos, 75013 Paris. The following map provides directions from the conference venue (9 minute walk):

The party will consist of a dinner followed by dancing. The dinner will consist of various couscous entries. A vegetarian option will be available. The caterer is Zerda Cafe. A review of their couscous by the journal Le Figaro is available here; another review by the journal L'Express is available here.

The dinner will be followed Charleston tutorial from 9pm to 9:45pm with live music (more info available here) and then more dancing with live music from 10pm to 11pm (more info available here). 

The face book page for the GLOW conference party is