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Due to high security alert in France, you might be asked for an ID at the entrance of the conference venue and your bag might be inspected by security personnel  

A pdf version of the program is available here.

Main conference: Wednesday April 15th
(info concerning location available here)

Accueil - Welcome

Chair: Alain Rouveret
Claire Halpert

10:00—11:00 Winnie Lechner, Giorgos Spathas, Artemis Alexiadou, and Elena Anagnostopoulou

11:00—11:15 Coffee break

11:15—12:30 Poster session 1

WooJin Chung

Michael Hamilton

Jeremy Kuhn

Joao Costa and Maria Lobo

Benjamin Storme

Nancy Hedberg and Patricia Schneider-Zioga

12:30—14:00 Lunch break

Chair: Anne Abeillé
Timo Klein

15:00—16:00 Jeroen van Craenenbroeck

16:00—16:15 Coffee break


Chair: Carmen Sorin
Monica Irimia

17:15—18:15 Katalin E. Kiss


Main conference: Thursday April 16th
(info concerning location available here)

Chair: Brenda Laca
Sabine Iatridou 

10:00—11:00 Hadas Kotek

11:00—11:15  Coffee break

11:15—12:30 Posters session 2

Sarah Ouwayda and Ur Shlonsky

Lynda Kennedy, Jacopo Romoli, Lyn Tieu and Raffaella Folli

Virginia Hill

Lilla Magyar

Matt Barros & Luis Vicente

Jaehoon Choi

Patrick D Elliott and Gary Thoms

12:30—14:00 Lunch break

Chair: Hamida Demirdache
Mythili Menon and Roumyana Pancheva

15:00—16:00  Moshe Elyashiv Bar-Lev 

16:00—16:15  Coffee break

Chair: Berit Gehrke
Beata Moskal

17:30—18:30 GLOW Business meeting

Main conference: Friday April 17th
(info concerning location available here)

Chair: Mohammed Lahrouchi
Beata Moskal, Peter Smith, Ting Xu, Jungmin Kang and Jonathan Bobaljik

10:00—11:00  Darya Kavitskaya and Peter Staroverov

11:00—11:15  Coffee break

Chair: Lucia Tovena
Dorothy Ahn and Uli Sauerland

12:15—14:00  Lunch break

Chair: Jacqueline Guéron
Guillaume Thomas 

15:00—16:00  Yuko Asada

16:00—16:15  Coffee break

Chair: Caterina Donati
Luka Crnic

17:15—18:15  Stefan Keine and Ethan Poole

19:30  GlOW Party dinner

Main conference: alternate papers

Semantics workshop: Saturday April 18th 
(info concerning location available here)

9:00—9:30 Welcome

Ashwini Deo
Copular contrasts and the individual-level/stage-level distinction

10:30—11:15Simone Alex-Ruf
The complexity of events: The empirical side of the event-state distinction

11:15—11:45Coffee break

11:45—12: 30Gillian Ramchand
States and Causation: The Curious Case of Labile Adjectives in English

12:30—13:15Rebekah Baglini 
Reference to states across lexical categories

13:15—14:45Lunch break

14.45—15:30Peter Arkadiev and Dimitri Gerasimov
Two types of derived states in Bzhedug Adyghe

15:30—16:15Shiaowei Tham
Property concepts and spatial configurational states in Mandarin

16:15—16:45 Coffee break

16:45—17:30Nino Grillo and Keir Moulton
Mismatching Pseudo-Relatives Describe Event Kinds

17:30—18:30Peter Hallman
Temporal perspective in the state/event distinction

Semantics workshop: alternate papers

Phonology workshop: Saturday April 18th
(info concerning location available here)

9:45—10:15 Welcome

Chair: Joe Pater
Robert Daland

Thomas Graf and Jeffrey Heinz

Coffee break

Chair: Michela Russo
Juliet Stanton

Stephanie Shih

12:45—13:15 Jane Chandlee, Jeffrey Heinz, and Adam Jardine

13:15—14:45 Lunch break

Chair: Jeffry Heinz
Coral Hughto, Joe Pater, and Robert Staubs 

Gaja Jarosz
Phonotactic probability and sonority sequencing in Polish initial clusters 

15:45—16:15  Ewan Dunbar, Gabriel Synnaeve, and Emmanuel Dupoux

16:15—16:45 Coffee break

Chair: Giorgio Magri
Afton Coombs

17:15—17:45 Klaas Seinhorst

17:45—18:30  Invited speaker: Bruce Tesar

20:00—  Workshop party