How to get to "Campus de Azurém"?

GPS coordinates [latitude: 41° 27' 6.85'' N  - longitude: 8° 17' 33.19'' W]

Campus de Azurém
Alameda da Universidade
Gps: [latitude: 41° 27' 6.85'' N  - longitude: 8° 17' 33.19'' W]

The journey from Porto to Guimarães (without traffic) takes about 50 min and tolls are 2,95€.


Visit the portal where you can consult the train schedules and available lines to reach Guimarães.

There are regular train services between "Porto-São Bento" and "Porto-Campanhã" stations and Guimarães. The journey to Guimarães takes about 1h15, and the average cost is 3,10€ for a commuter train (+0,5€ for a reusable card). There are also intercity services by a price of nearly 12€.

From train station to the campus you can walk (less then 30min), take a taxi (5min, price 5€) or take a bus ("Linha cidade"). You may buy a ticket for 1,70€ from the BUS driver (the ticket is valid for one trip).

Tel.: +351 808208208

From Oporto airport - Aeroporto Sá Carneiro

The closest airport to the city of Guimarães is the Sá Carneiro Airport in Oporto, about 50 km away from both cities.

From this point, and in addition to taxi service, if you opt for the subway to get to the campus of Guimarães,  line E is available: Airport - Estádio do Dragão (violet line). The stop-off is Campanhã, which gives direct access to the Railway Station, with the same name. Trains bound for Guimarães depart from the station of Campanhã. For more details visit

In case you decide to travel by bus to the University of Minho, Braga or Guimarães, here you can  find information on some of the companies that provide travel services, depending on the location of departure:

Rede Expressos
Schedules available at:
Tel.: +351 213 581 460

Schedules available at:
Tel.: +351 213 581 460

Schedules available at:
Tel..: +351 253 423 500

Schedules available at:
Tel.: +351 259 340 710