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CHSCA All-State & Academic All-State Qualifications

Coaches click Here for Academic All-State Submission Form



1.       There is a misconception as to who may be selected as an Academic All-State. The operative word here is All-State.

2.       Must be a SENIOR in good standing within their school, exhibit good character and citizenship, completed an entire season as a team member of the sport their senior year that they have been nominated for, and have had received a varsity letter within that sport.

3.       A senior can only qualify for consideration for CHSCA Academic All State by making First (1st) and/or Second (2nd) CHSCA All State team for that sport. CLASS OR OPEN FINALIST

4.       A senior after meeting number 2 and 3 MUST also score at least: 1200 on SAT and/or at least 26 on ACT.

5.       Nomination MUST be signed by BOTH Coach and Guidance Counselor with their respective information

6.       The Coach nominating the student athlete player must be a member of the CHSCA.


All-State Wrestling Team

1. 4 Divisions: "S", "M", "L", "LL"

2. Each Divisional Champion winner per weight class is All-State. That is Fourteen winners in each Division.

3. A State Open Champion if it is different than the Divisional Champion will be added to the All-State Team.