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Lynda Tourloukis

The Bubble Wrap Labyrinth

What joy to wake up to bubble wrap, walk a path of playful purpose together and discover the laughter that rises from the fun of it all. 

It was a pleasure to meet, greet and be complete with you all in the experience of bubble wrap fun. When bubble wrap comes out it is said that all seriousness goes out the window and I thank you all for giving it up and playing on the path in some great ways. What a great conference to behold, what a celebration of ten years and what a wild, wonderful and loving way to end it all… glad to have been a part of it all with you!

I am attaching an overview handout with your very own finger walking bubble wrap labyrinth attached so that you can experiment a bit with play, bubblewrap and the marvelous tool of the labyrinth.

I love creating, inventing and designing and laughter just seems to come out of all the fun. 

Enjoy, stay in touch and let me know your thoughts with a quick reply. 

With ‘pop’ all ‘pop’ kinds ‘pop’ of ‘pop’ joy,

Lynda Tourloukis
Master Trainer
Laughter Yoga University

Download the overview handout about the Bubble Wrap Labyrinth.

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