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Linda Leclerc

Keynote #8: Why Businesses Keep Hiring Me: Lessons Learned From 6 Years Full Time In The Laughter Trade

Founder and director of the Canadian School of Laughter

  • Sometimes you need to ground yourself- stand like wonder woman
  • Studied group dynamics in university
    • One person’s accomplishment with the group, for the group, because of the group
  • Was working a ton and getting very serious and very stressed
  • Started by inviting people before her meetings to laugh with her
  • She introduces laughter in a way that speaks to corporate professionals
  • Tells people that they don’t have to laugh like laughter yoga every day, just laugh
  • Some days you will fail and other days you will excel
  • PLAB
    • The way you
      • Present
      • Look
      • Act
      • Behave
  • The professional person reflects who they are
  • When she gets a call or introduces herself, she sends an email to the person, she uses words that the person she talked to has already used
    • EX. Stress, celebration, community
    • Complements the person, and laughs with the person
  • I help people be happier, I bring serenity in people’s heart, ask how their team is
  • The more value you add, the more prone they are to hire you
  • Create added value
    • Why are you charging more?
      • You are not only receiving a presentation and tools
      • I leave you with something tangible- leaves people with a CD
      • “I am sure they would love to be able to charge whatever I do” - Sebatstien

Brainstormed Idea of Added Value

    • Monthly you will send them a laughter video they can do at their desk
    • Use the back of index card with options of what to do
    • Magnet- emergency laughter exercises
    • Reminder of daily minute of laughter
    • Laughter emergency kit
    • Bumper sticker
    • The take-home thing should have your domain on it
  • Has a live app- Let’s Laugh
    • only for iphones or ipads until christmas
  • She sends out press releases
    • Then people start contacting her
  • Sometime she brings laughter together with chocolate
  • People who hire you are the ones who are going to connect to you
  • You need to find the thing that is you, and stick to what you are
  • “When I first started doing this, this is so important that I want everyone to have it and I don’t want to charge anything, then someone said, if it is so important, then why are you giving it away for free?”- Michelle
  • You are not selling yourself, you are selling a service
  • What should or could you start working on for you to get it all happen?

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