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Websites & SEO

20 minutes with Sebastien Gendry:

It is pointless to do better what you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

2 types of marketing:
  • Indirect marketing- hoping someone will find you (e.g., online)
  • Direct marketing- go out and be seen.
You all need a website, but direct marketing is the best approach for most people. Spend money on you to fund your being out there in the community before you spend money on a flashy website.

There is no quick fix. Search engine optimization is not easy and takes time.

You can have a free basic website + any domain you would like (e.g., and then mask/cloak the address of the first with that of the second.

Once you have a website:
  • Properly structure every page:
    • Headline (to catch attention)
    • Sub head (to explain the headline)
    • Benefits (why people should care)
    • Feature (how it's done)
    • Social proof (testimonials)
    • Call to action
  • Graphics attract attention. Text is what sells.
  • People start as scanners and then become readers.
  • Don't make people hunt. Duplicate your contact info if need be.
  • How much free content? You must answer the question yourself "how much free content do I need to give until people are ready to make a buying decision?"
  • Importance of capturing email addresses. Have a newsletter.
Track your stats! Use Google analytics (free)

Put some thinking into the keywords your choose. Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner for info on what people are searching + for ideas. You will be asked to enter your credit card info but will only be charged if you use the service.

Keep your keywords simple and make them local, i.e. add your state/city into them.

Social Media:

Some of the many tools that Sebastien uses:

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