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Laughter Fusion

Michele Caskey is a facilitator and speaker in Redmond, Washington. She specializes in empowering courageous mavericks to harness the power of laughter and levity in the workplace to develop a more resilient and engaged workforce. Seriously! Whether consulting privately or speaking to audiences, Michele blends over 10 years of experience as a Laughter Professional with a background in public relations, customer service and leadership to design innovative approaches that integrate laughter into the corporate culture. She is encouraged by steadily increasing number of leaders who consider happiness, fun and enjoyment of life as key factors when evaluating peak performance. She is part of the international movement of community Laughter Clubs that foster health, happiness and world peace through laughter. She has witnessed the capacity of laughter to heal the mind, body and spirit and was the first to bring Laughter Yoga to the Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center in 2005. With the launch of Laughter Fusion Michele is continuing to pioneer new ways to make the benefits of laughter more accessible to humanity and those in crisis by creating a fusion with other therapeutic and motivational approaches to wellness. Read more about Michele Caskey at

With the introduction of Laughter Fusion this year Michele has begun integrating more dancing, singing and playing alongside laughter. 

While laughter yoga can be taught seated and to groups with limited mobility it can also be taught as a high energy, aerobic workout. Michele's classes could even be called laughter fitness.

Michele shared her top ten tips for enlivening and energizing any laughter yoga class and advised that we consider what the body is doing during any laughter exercise and how to more fully engage the body while we're laughing.

A handout of these top 10 tips is available below:

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Michele Caskey,
Oct 28, 2015, 1:43 PM