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The Barony of Letnev

Home System Location: Core.
Brief: The Barony of Letnev wants Mecatol Rex more than anything, having led three total rebellions against the Imperium. This race is well known to have been the lynchpin that began the original Twilight Wars that led to the fall of the Lazax race. In protest over Imperial trade oversight, the Baron of Letnev had begun a blockade of trade traffic to Mecatol Rex through the Quann wormhole. As this had been far from the first trouble with the Letnev, an unconcerned Lazax Emperor sought to solve the conflict peacefully in the Galactic Council. Losing valuable trade-income from this act, the Federation of Sol had lost patience for imperial resolutio and annihilated the blockading Letnev force. This act forced the Lazax Emperor to enact the Maandu edict, which would place all warships under direct imperial supervision. This angered many races and the Barony of Letnev, along with several other races, withdrew from the Imperium, beginning the Twilight Wars.
Since then, the Barony of Letnev continues to plot to take Mecatol Rex. Repeating history, they often colonize Quann and blockade the wormhole to stage attacks on Mecatol Rex. This act keeps them in an almost constant state of war with the Federation of Sol, who frequently need the wormhole to conduct quick trade routes with races outside the Core.
Ropleplaying Notes: The Barony of Letnev and the Federation of Sol, being in a perpetual state of war, will never enter into Trade Agreements. Mecatol Rex and the Quann system, along with their home system, are highly sought systems for this race.
Racial Ability:
  • +1 to Fleet Supply
  • May spend 2TG to get +1 in actual round of space combat or +2 in ground combat

Starting Techs:

  • Antimass Deflectors
  • Hylar V Assault Laser

Leaders: Admiral, General, Diplomat

Racial Tech 1 : L4 Disruptors (6) You don’t need to spend 2TG to use your racial ability in ground combat.

Racial Tech 2: Noneuclidian Shielding (4) When you use the sustain damage ability of one of your units, it prevents two casualties (rather than one).

Starting Units:

  • Dreadnought
  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
  • 3 GF

Trade Agreements: 1,1

Homesystem: Wren Terra (2/1), Arc Prime (4/0)

Flagship: Arc Secundus (10 / 5×2 / 1 / 2) This ship may bombard planets that contain PDS units. At the start of each combat round, repair this ship.