2014 Stanford Invitational Tournament Results

Debate Event Results

These ballots have been OCRed and are searchable!  Having trouble 
finding a ballot? After opening a PDF in Acrobat or Reader, search by school name,
student name or judge name (press Ctrl-F on Windows, Command-F on Mac). 
Some of the events had e-ballots, so the majority of ballots for those particular 
events won't be found here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any
posted results, please email us at invitational@stanforddebate.com.

How to review E-ballots:

Log into your tabroom.com account (as long as you have access to your school 
account).  Click on the Students tab for your school and your student roster will
be listed.  Next to each round is a record button--click that.  You will now see
the competitive history of that debater at tournaments tabbing on Tabroom.com.
Click on a tournament and you'll see rounds; if a judge wrote an online RFD or
comments, there will be green links to the right of the round.

If you do not have a tabroom.com account, you will need to create one in
order to review ballots.  Once you create an account, we will need to link
that account to your teams in order for you to review your ballots.  All
schools that had accounts as of the time of the tournament have been
linked to their teams and ballots are currently reviewable.

Student Congress Results