Sharing Stations for LDS Homeschoolers

Sharing Stations provide an opportunity to share projects, thoughts, and ideas that home school families have used or seen used in implementing the gospel into a family learning environment.  Or it may be something that just makes home school easier and could be useful or enjoyable for other home schoolers.  

We would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for Sharing Stations.  Several handouts are available as a free download by clicking on the links in the side bar.  

Description of Resources:

1.  Curriculum Guides and Comparisons  

Includes a comparison chart for several math curricula that is available for home school families and a document listing many LDS resources for home schoolers. 

2.  Education Philosophies

Includes documents that explain a Christ-centered education, Agency based education, and Charlotte Mason methods.  Also includes an article that shows how to help students move beyond the first level of learning which is recall to the deeper levels of understanding, application, and evaluation.

3.  Educational Activities

Looking for a creative way to bring variety and diversion in your school day?  Fun and Action Jars is one idea for you to consider.  Click on the Education Activities link for more information. 

4.  Free Webinars

This free 1-hour webinar looks at the difference between agency and compulsory based education using the scriptures as a guide. 

5.  Getting Started

Are you new to home schooling?  The resources on this page will give you guidance through your first three weeks to help your family adjust to a new routine for their education. 

6.  His-Story time lines

Ideas and resources to help students and families construct a time line of historical events. 

7.  Inspirational Quotes and Articles

Scripture based articles and quotes to inspire teaching methods consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

8.  Lesson Plans/Unit Studies

        The files includes on the main page include ideas for a gospel principles unit study.  The sub-pages include unit studies in a variety of topics including family history, foods and nutrition, reading, and writing. 

9.  Life Skills

The life skills packets on this page offer ideas for teaching important skills in self-reliance for three different ages:  8-12 years; 12-16 years; and 16+

10.  Organization and Record Keeping Tips

These resources will help families create a house of order as parents manage themselves, assist children with goal setting, and create schedules and record keeping journals. 

11.  Preschool

These resources are focused specifically on the youngest students. 

12.  Reading Lists

Includes a list for recommended reading for different ages to guide families as they "seek out the best books" for learning and study.

13.  Scripture Study Guides

Ideas to enhance family scripture study

Subpages (1): Dispensations Timeline