Secondary 1
Character Education Lesson in Term 1 Week 10
(Date: 10 March 2014)

Key Concepts
  • Values transcend over cyber space and time
  • One should exhibit responsibility and demonstrate respect to self and peers in both real world and digital world

Key Understanding
  • Netiquette refers to one demonstrating courteous and respectful behaviour to self and others in real world and in digital world.
  • Social networking requires one to be responsible; and understand short-term and long-term consequences of irresponsible behavour.

Essential Questions
  • How should one conduct oneself appropriately in the cyber space?
  • What constitutes to positive and negative behaviour in cyber space?
  • How would behaviour in the cyber space affect individual and others?

Suggested Duration
Activity 1: Sensing - Making a Connection
 10 min
Activity 2: Sensing - People Bingo
 15 min
Activity 3: Thinking - Me and My Digital Footprints
 15 min
Activity 4: Acting - Doing My Part...
10 min

What you need
  • Learning device
  • Be seated in twos or threes

Some House Rules
  • House rule 1
  • House rule 2

Who's facilitating the lesson
Class Student Ambassadors
Class Student Ambassadors
  • Matthew Yap S4-02
  • Yan Pei Ling S2-07
  • Jeremiah Ong Ray S3-08
  • Lim Chin Yong S3-04
  • Lorraine Keow Jingwen S3-02
  • Anshiqa Agrawal S2-01
  • Aleem Shah Kamaluddin Noor S4-07
  • Ho Jia Wei S2-09
  • Looi Chi Han S3-08
  • Eunice Chan Pei Yee S3-04
  • Jonathan Liew Chong Kai S2-05
  • Wong Zhen Yang S2-05
  • Harindrar S/O Jayanthinathan S4-08
  • Koh Chan Hong Ravern S2-07
  • Yew Ching Ning S2-07
  • Leong Jia Hao Gabriel S3-01
  • Irfan Izzuddin Bin Yusman S3-07
  • Muhammad Nurshaquille S S3-01
  • Ng Han Yit Ryan S2-03
  • Thomas Joseph Lee Alba S2-03
  • Ryan Tan Zheng Ning S4-09
  • Laviin Gunalan S2-07
  • Seet Li Wen Joanna S2-01
  • Timothy Teng S2-04
  • Sean Michael Koh S2-07
  • Dawn Lim Gin S2-09
  • John Cheong Zhan Hao S4-02
  • Poon Wai Kit S3-08
  • Chew Yun Hui S3-08
  • Tan Yi Cong Kenric S2-04
  • Farrell Nah Jun Hao S4-09
  • Wong Simin Evangeline S3-04
  • Chan Tuck Yan Marcus S3-06
  • Johanna Lim Ziyun S2-09
  • Lee Xu Zhou Bryan S2-04
  • Eunice Koo Tze Wen S2-04
  • Tan Yan Xiong Trevor S3-05
  • Kok Liying S2-09
  • Goh Qian Zhe S3-02
  • Kota Kiran Chand S3-08
  • Khairul Aizat B Md Halim S2-04
  • Nehal Janakraj S2-04
  • Sean Chiu Yan Ming S2-04
  • Mohd Taufiq B Mohd Rozaini S2-04
  • Tay Ming Yi S4-01
  • Liaw Xiao Tao S3-06
  • Chiam Chuen S3-07
  • Kenneth Kiang Jia Ming S2-09
  • Yang Zong En Wynn S2-04