APAC Massive Open Online Course

Focused Faculty Workshop

Shanghai, China

Nov. 20-21, 2014

Dear Distinguished Guests:
    Warmly welcome to 2014 APAC MOOC Focused Faculty Workshop, which will be held at Shanghai, China, Nov.20-21, 2014. The goal of the workshop is to share, brainstorm and generate important topics that are of mutual interests for fostering MOOC innovation.
    We will focus on the 'MOOC Innovation' and 'Research Behind MOOC', specifically:
  • Effectiveness of hybrid learning model: practice for proof;
  • Topics in adaptive learning and how they can tailor to individual students in MOOCs; Integrating MOOCs into a student's timetable / semester / curriculum;
  • Interoperability between online learning platforms: standards and practice;
  • The current focuses and important topics regarding to MOOC research;
  • etc...
    Based on these topics, we will have 2-day workshop to go through the important areas and prioritise those most important ones. These most important areas will be the touch base for the next-step for potential research collaboration.
    We sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay and be able to build new connections with the attendees. Tsinghua University and Google will co-orgnize this workshop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 2014apacmooc@google.com. Thanks.

-- APAC MOOC Focused Faculty Workshop Planning Committee
Google and Tsinghua University