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        21 Jan (Mon) - 22 Jan (Tue), 2013: Western Pacific Paleoceanography III Symposium

        23 Jan (Wed) - 24 Jan (Thur), 2013: Taiwan Quaternary Research Biennial Symposium

        25 Jan (Fri) - 26 Jan (Sat), 20132 days Field Trip (Kenting National Park)

 Meeting Venue:

        The Conference Center at the College of Marine Sciences, National Sun-Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

 Conference Objectives and Expected Impacts:

        The main objective of the proposed international workshop III on western Pacific paleoceanography is to bring together a diverse group of researchers who study primarily climatic proxy records from marine sediments of the western Pacific (East and South China Seas, NW Pacific and and equatorial Pacific oceans) and to report recent advances in understanding the mechanisms of western Pacific climate changes in the Quaternary. Since the initiations of Taiwan IMAGES (International Marine Past Global Change Study) programs in 1996, discovery of orbital, millennial, and centennial-scale climate changes from the western Pacific paleoceanographic records have been increased and the mechanisms for causing the climate changes are under hot debates. In order to better synthesize all available paleoceanographic records and conceptualize into an interpretable framework, we plan to hold a series of workshop mainly focusing on better integration of new western Pacific paleoceanographic data and planning for future new directions of the paleoceanographic research. 

      In the past three years, we have held two very successful workshops: “Western Pacific Paleoceanography Workshop I: Future Challenge, in Jan. 11-14, 2010, Keelung, and “Western Pacific Paleoceanography Workshop II: Land-Sea Linkage, in April 18-21, 2011, Keelung. The main conclusion from the workshops is that there is a need to increase dialogs between scientists working on marine and terrestrial data that together will provide better insights, with combining modeling approaches, on identifying anthropogenic interferences from natural background climate variability. Special issues that are composed of the conference papers have been published in Journal of Asian Earth Sciences and Journal of Quaternary Science. 

      The main theme of the 3rd workshop is expanded and included interests from Quaternary researchers, and on a title of “Taiwan Quaternary: Ocean Perspective from the Holocene to Anthropocene” (Jan. 23-24, 2013). The main theme is also consistent with the scientific framework of IMAGES 2, under which with the giant long piston coring IMAGES cruises will be re-structured into the MSP (Mission Specific Platform) in post 2013 IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program). In this meeting, we will discuss initially the new ideas and major unsolved scientific issues of western Pacific paleoceanography that needs long piston coring in future IMAGES/IODP cruises. With the main theme, we hope to attract audiences from domestic and international groups on paleoceanography and paleoclimatology, marine and terrestrial sediment core study, global environmental change, climate variability and Quaternary research. We will solicit and publish ~15-20 papers in high-impact journals such as Quaternary Science Reviews, or Quaternary International to increase the visibility of our research community.


        Min-Te CHEN (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan)



        Please send me 1 page abstract (in English, no format) by Dec. 15, 2012. 

 Registration Fee for Symposium: Free


        Please book flight ticket for yourself and arrive Kaohsiung (KHH) by the night of Jan. 20. It suggests to take taxi to your hotel in Kaohsiung (~200 NTD). Please help find the most economic airfare as very limited support of the meeting. We are able to reimburse cash for your airfare during the meeting but please send me the originals of boarding passes and official receipt after you back your home town. Please let us know your airfare as early as possible and let it be arranged earlier. All international invited speakers will be arranged to live the Sunset Beach Hotel which is 10 mins walking distance to the meeting venue (see attached maps). As the rooms in this hotel are very limited, please let's know your arrival/departure schedule and/or any accompanied persons or students with you as early as possible. If you had to be arranged to another hotel you will receive another notice from m. Your accommodation for staying in the hotel from Jan. 20 to 22 (3 nights) and most of the meals will be covered by the meeting. If you would like to attend the Taiwan Quaternary Research Meeting or post-meeting activities in 1/23-26 you have to pay for your accommodations but we are able to help you make a reservation. There will be no charge if you want to attend the tours to TORI or Kaohsiung City, but you need to pay (~ 300 USD, including all transportation, meal, and hotel in Jan. 25) the field trip to Kenting National Park in Jan. 25-26, 2013.


        Dr. Pai-Sen Yu ( Please contact the meeting secretary Dr. Yu if you have any logistics request or need any assistance. 

3rd International IMAGES/PAGES Workshop of Western Pacific Paleoceanography

Deadline for abstract submission:

15 Dec. 2012