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Earning Credit

Participants can receive credit for the Google Education Summit. In order to receive credit, participants will complete an "Apex Project" and complete other assigned readings during the summit. They will also be expected attend all registered sessions. Because of this extra work, students who are taking the summit for credit can expect to spend more time on these efforts than those not receiving credit. Last year's Apex project guidelines and syllabus are available below to get a general idea of expectations.

Note: Those who are taking the summit for credit will fill out additional paperwork at registration.

Readings: Those taking the summit for credit should read the following similar articles during the week.

NETS Standards

This page will be used to share Apex Projects near the end of the Summit.


Example #1

For your presentation, share your site with your instructor:

David Tess,
May 30, 2013, 8:16 PM