Willowood Technology Summit

Willowood Entrance
Most of the professionals who attend the Willowood Technology Summit (WTS) are Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs); however, participation is open to anybody whose goals align with ours. ADEs have a reputation for creating and disseminating excellent learning materials.  In addition, we have a global reputation for creating magic when we get together in our annual ADE Institutes. This year is no exception!  And, we're thrilled to be expanding our group beyond just the ADE community, as we include creative, imaginative educators from around the world.  Thus, this is clearly NOT an official ADE event!

While the summer season in the USA is a bustling time with busy schedules for teachers, several of us have decided to gather in the North Texas summer heat for an invigorating blend of fun, food, fellowship, and professional learning opportunities.

During the week of July 27-31, 2013, approximately 30 of us from around the world will convene at Willowood Ranch near Bells, TX.  From the moment the first WTS member sets foot on Willowood Ranch, a tremendous explosion of energy will erupt...and carry on through the departure of the final person on Wednesday morning.  

Try to imagine ... You have the opportunity to spend almost an entire week with the sharpest, most imaginative, creative minds in the entire field of educational technology. Every question you can think of will be answered. More tips for success than you can count will be shared with you. You will learn best practices for using the latest applications available from Apple, as well as other top developers in the industry. And, coupled with all that high-powered learning, you will have...

Fellowship!  Food!  Fun!  Early mornings. Late nights.  And FULL days!

Some of the "classes" and unconference sessions include:  iBooks Author; Aperture™; Apple TV; Geocaching (a refresher on geocaching principles, plus finalizing an exciting project begun last year at Willowood!); Airtagging; iPad Tips, Tricks, and Traps; Photography; Screencasting Secrets; and, as they say on TV...much, much more!  We'll even have some exciting photo safaris, including thrilling night photography (star trails, light orbs, light painting, and burning steel wool orbs).  Jam-packed learning!

Yet, amidst the oft-frantic pace, there will be ample opportunities for rest and relaxation. During those moments of rest, yet more interactive fellowship will be the fare.

Some of the "extra" activities being planned include: kite flying, paintball, water balloon volleyball, 4-wheeler riding excursions, music concerts, skeet shooting, Oreo cookie art, swimming in the big salt-water pool, and others that are being kept secret for the time being.

Due to the hard work of the leadership team, this event promises to be one of the very best, most memorable education gatherings ever!

Excitement is "off the chart" for the 2013 Willowood Technology Summit.

If you think you would like to submit your application to be considered for attendance at the 2013 WTS, please fill out this online form  -- then, when we evaluate all the applications, we will let you know the status of your application.