Peer reviewed paper

Parker, J. , Maor, D. & Herrington, J. (2013). Under the hood: How an authentic online course was designed, delivered and evaluated.  
In: 22nd Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 
7-8 February, 2013, Murdoch University, Perth


A key challenge for university professionals is to identify how to construct more interactive, engaging and student-centred environments that promote 21st century skills and encourage self-directed learning. Existing research suggests the use of real-life tasks supported by new technologies, together with access to the vast array of open educational resources on the Internet, have the potential to improve the quality of online learning. This paper describes how an authentic online professional development course for higher education practitioners was designed and implemented using a learning management system (LMS) and an open companion website. It also briefly discusses how the initial iteration was evaluated and identifies recommendations for improving future iterations of the course.