Let the 2013 reddit jersey design voting begin...

Thanks for your help in choosing a design direction for the 2013 Reddit Jerseys.

On each of the designs below, please give each a score from 0-9.  You can use any number more than once if you want.

You can make 0-9 mean whatever you want, but here's an example scale:
0 - Hate it, I 
1 - Don't like it
2 - Not really a fan
3 - We really could do better
4 - meh
5 - It's alright
6 - Could see myself wearing this
7 - Really like this
8 - Think I'm falling in love
9 - Shut Up and Take My Money!

Keep in mind that all of these are just mock-ups. We will continue to work with the winning artist, the vendor, and maybe even redditors to hone in the final production items.

  • Please do not submit more than one survey. 
  • If you wish to be notified of when the items become available for purchase, you can keep an eye out on /r/bicycling
  • Or you can sign up for the Reddit Jersey Announce Group: https://groups.google.com/group/reddit-jersey-announce
  • If only interested in seeing the current results, then click here: See previous responses (taken down due to cheating)

2013 Reddit Jersey Survey

* Required

Now tell us what types of items you want...

While not required this will really help us to determine order volume, and the more interest in any particular item, the lower prices can go.

Jersey: Sport or Race Cut - $40
Jersey: Loose Fit Urban - $47.75
Jersey: Downhill Jersey - $47.75
Jersey: TechTop - $45
Shorts: Cheap Shorts - $60.50
Bibs: Mid-priced - $71
Bibs: High-end - $85
Accessories: Cycling Cap - $19
Accessories: Socks - $8
Accessories: Gloves - $27
Cold Gear: Second Layer Jacket - $80
Cold Gear: Wind Jacket - $75
Cold Gear: Wind Vest - $66
Cold Gear: Thermal Shoe Covers - $23
Cold Gear: Arm Warmers - $28
Cold Gear: Leg Warmers - $36
Cold Gear: Wind-proof Soft-Shell Jacket - $100
Triathlon: TriTop - $45
Triathlon: TriShorts - $60
Triathlon: TriSuit - $100
Triathlon: SkinSuit - $120

Almost done...