Passover  Holidays 2013  has become the definitive online guide to Jewish and Kosher  PASSOVER vacation travel in exquisite passover  hotels in Israel and abroad  for individuals, groups, enterprises, trade unions, Bate’-Knesset etc.

There is always fresh and tasty Kosher or passover  Kosher Lemehadrin food served in all the hotels, under a very strict supervision.

On our website you may find discount opportunities and all kind of pesach kosher holidays. The website is constantly developed and updated.

We hope that you and your family will be our guests in one of the packages advertised on our site, or will participate in programs that we propose.

We wish you a Kosher and pleasant passover 2013 holiday.  


Celebrate Pesach 2013 in Israel !

For years, has been offering unforgettable vacations and exclusive deals for those planning a vacation in Israel. For Passover, we offer you special deals and first-rate hotels in Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Tiberias. Our successful Pesach vacations bring back to Israel, hundreds of satisfied clients, year after year.Contact us today for more information about celebrating Pesach 2013 in israel.

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When is Passover in 2013?


Passover Holidays  in 2013 will start on Tuesday, the 26th of March and will continue for 7 days until Monday, the 1st of April.

Note that in the Jewish calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Passover on the sunset of Monday, the 25th of March.

The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus all holiday observances begin at sundown on the secular dates listed, with the following day being the first full day of the holiday. (Thus, the first Passover seder is held on the evening of the first date listed.) Jewish calendar dates conclude at nightfall.

The first two days of Passover (from sundown of the first date listed, until nightfall two days later) are full-fledged, no-work-allowed holiday days. The subsequent four days are Chol Hamoed, when work is allowed, albeit with restrictions. Chol Hamoed is followed by another two full holiday days.



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En choisissant un club cacher pour Pessah  2013 en mer ou bien à la montagne grace à le spécialiste des sejours cachers dans le monde.

<TITLE>Passover Hotels - Resorts, Vacations & Tours in EuropeTITLE>  
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Passover Vacations - Hotels & Resorts in Europe. Over 125 Passover
Locations to choose from - Resorts and hotels in Italy, Spain, France, GReece, slovania, Austria, Switzerland.
Enjoy passover 2013 and choose your next vacation from our largest selection ever"
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    Passover Resorts Europe

Passover Vacations - Pesach in Europe 2013
Select Locations Bahamas Canada Caribbean Cruises Europe Israel Mexico Thailand USA
Crete, DAIOS COVE (GRAN MELIA) Luxury Hotel & Resort:..
Continuing the success of a perfect, strictly kosher Pesach vacation in a league of its own at the most prestigious and popular resort More info...

Passover in Lake Maggiore, Italy with Tour Olam
Italy, with the Alps Mountains in the background, Lake Maggiore stretching in the expanse, boats sailing in the breeze, with picturesque t.. More info...

Passover Hotel 2012 in Sardinia, Italy

Spend an all-inclusive Passover vacation at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Glatt Kosher with EJ Holidays..More info...

The Warmest Pesach Vacation over Europe

Passover in Paphos, Cyprus With VERED HolidaysMore info...

Passover Hotels in Venice, Italy

At the deluxe 5-star Hotel Excelsior in Venice Lido, Italy on the shores of the Mediterranean. Glatt Kosher with Leisure Time Tours..More info...

Passover Vacations 2012 in Marbella, Spain

on the "Costa del Sol", at the Senator Marbella Spa Hotel ****. Glatt Kosher.. More info...

Passover Vacations in Greece - 2 Luxury Resorts

creator of Luxury Kosher Programs, is honored to offer you a dream holiday in Greece. Glatt Kosher..More info...

Passover 2012 at the *****Carlton Inter-Continental in Cannes, France

known as a palatial landmark on the Croisette. Glatt Kosher with David Guez..More info...

Passover Vacation in Cap Estel, Eze, France

At the luxury Cap Estel *****. Glatt Kosher under the Paris Beth Din with Phenix Premium....More info...

Passover Vacation 2012 in Cannes, France

at the Novotel MONTFLEURY ****, ideal for a family Pesach Holiday, overlooking the town and bay of Cannes. Glatt Kosher with David Guez..More info...

Experience Pure Luxury Pesach in Rimini, Italy 2011

Rediscover the newly refurbished luxury of Grand Hotel Rimini Luxe *****. Italy. Glatt Kosher with Avi & Belinda Netzer..More info...

Passover Hotel in Estepona, Spain

Easy Kosher (Laurent COHEN) offers a fabulous Glatt Kosher Pesach 2012 in the Gran Hotel Elba Estepona (LUXURY 5*) & Thalasso Spa.. More info...

Passover Vacations in Monaco, France 10th YEAR

Come spend this Pesach with us on the shores of the Mediterranean at the **** Marriot. Our 10th year. Glatt Kosher with Eli Club..More info...

Fabulous Passover Holiday in Villars, Switzerland with West End Travel

The 4* Eurotel Victoria is a modern, comfortable Hotel with spectacular views of the Swiss Apls. Glatt Kosher with West End Travel.. More info...

Passover in Romania with Avimor

Enjoy a 5 Stars Passover vacation - Unbeatable Rates!More info...

Passover Resort 2013 in Crete, Greece



Vacances pessah 2013, bonjour à tous nous preparons pour "pessah 2013" une liste complète de voyages cacher pour pessah de folie! à bientôt suivez nous de très près afin de vous faire passer un pessah 2013 bien spécial, vous reserve une surprise en réferencement Google, le coup de grâce jamais attendu !


<META NAME="description" CONTENT="נופשי פסח ובתי מלון  2013  כשרים לפסח בכל העולם, המבחר הגדול ביותר של חבילות נופש
, חופשות ובתי מלון 2013  בכל העולם ייחודי וכשר לפסח ישנן חבילות גלאט, ומצה לא שרויה"
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="חופשות פסח, בתי מלון לפסח,
כשר לפסח, מתקני נופש  2013לפסח, פסח בחו"
ל, מצה שרויה, לא שרויה, טיולים כשרים, מטיילים יהודים">
<TITLE>נופש פסח וחופשות פסח, בתי מלון כשרים לפסח בכל העולם TITLE>

Vacances de Pessah 2013

Pessah en France 2013

la France est une éternelle inconnue : surprises et aventures sont au bout du chemin


Vacances pessah 2013 annuaire vacances pessah 2013  toujours copié mais jamais égale

Vacances pessah 2013 annuaire vacances pessah 2013" 

"Liste des Vacances pessah 2013 les plus consultés de la communauté juive"


Vacances de Pessah 2013."Liste des Vacances pessah 2013 les plus consultés de la communauté juive"

Le seul annuaire Officiel des hotels et Clubs Cacher pour un Pessah 2013 inoubliable !


Contact: 01 74 90 07 40

"Le site officiel des voyages cacher dans le monde. Tous les séjours cacher organisés pour Pessah 2013. Comparez tous les clubs cacher et les voyages casher dans le monde, pour passer des vacances casher exceptionnelles !"

Les organisateurs de séjours cacher pour: pessah 2013, vous proposent parmi plusieurs destinations dans le monde, pour faire la fête de pessah en 2013 dans les meilleurs conditions, à la mode, cette année un grand choix de pays à la carte comme pour:
- la Grèce
- la Tunisie
- l’Espagne
- la Corse
- le Maroc
- Israël
- Miami et la France, pour partir visiter ou tout simplement se relaxer les pieds dans l’eau. 

Tous ces hauts-lieu du tourisme en Europe, en Afrique et aux Etats-Unis vous accueillent le temps d’un voyage organisé pour pessah 2013, et vous dévoilent les multiples façette de leurs culture, pessah 2013 nous l'attendions tous!et enfin pour toutes les classes d’âges.

Nos organisateurs se chargent de tout et vous emmènent à la découverte des pays les plus demandés du moment. Pour obtenir plus d’informations sur les séjours cachers de pessah, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter sur notre site internet

Passover 2013 Resorts. New Passover Vacations Directory. Pesach 2013 USA,Europe,Israel
מגוון רחב של בתי מלון לחופשת הפסח 20135773 נופשי פסח ובתי מלון כשרים לפסח
The Largest selection for Kosher Passover Vacations 2013.
Passover 2013 Resorts. New Passover Vacations Directory.
Pesach 2013 Holidays in USA,Europe,Israel
Passover Vacations & Hotels Worldwide

Passover 2013 holidays. Passover Vacations Directory. Pesach 2013 USA,Europe,Israel
Vacances de Pessah 2013 .Le seul annuaire des hotels cacher pour un sejour Pessah2013 inoubliable !
נופש בפסח, מבצעים לפסח, , דילים לפסח, טיסות בפסח ,נופשונים בפסח
 חופשה בפסח, טיולים מאורגנים בפסח,דילים בפסח, טיולי משפחות בפסח, טיסה בפסח ,בתי מלון בפסח
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Passover 2013 Resorts. New Passover Vacations Directory. Pesach 2013 USA,Europe,Israel
מגוון רחב של בתי מלון לחופשת הפסח 20135773 נופשי פסח ובתי מלון כשרים לפסח
The Largest selection for Kosher Passover Vacations 2013.
Passover 2013 Resorts. New Passover Vacations Directory.
Pesach 2013 Holidays in USA,Europe,Israel
Passover Vacations & Hotels Worldwide