2013 MSU Earth Sciences Colloquium

8th Annual MSU Earth Sciences Colloquium
April 12-13, 2013

Colloquium Updates
This year's MSU Earth Sciences Colloquium was a great success thanks to the dedicated efforts of students, industry representatives, and faculty. The Colloquium committee would like to express our appreciation to all those involved with making this year's Colloquium an outstanding event.

Mel Bechberger (ConocoPhillips) and Dave McGee (Apache) provided invaluable interviewing tips for both industry and academia on the first day of Colloquium. Derek Turner gave an insightful and thought-provoking lecture on the philosophy of historical science, which sparked an engaging discussion at the dinner following the poster session.

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin presented cutting-edge research on coupled multi-phase flow of fluids using micro-CT to open our student talks, which ties into the carbon sequestration research with which many of our geology graduate students are involved. Mark Haggerty discussed the applications of geography to the growing energy exploration in areas of Montana and North Dakota and the implications on public and energy policy during the lunch break.

The Colloquium committee would also like to thank the MAGIP representatives for attending our poster session and dinner, and for judging and awarding monetary and membership prizes to our poster presenters. Thank you to Drs. Mogk, Shaw, and Lageson, and Professor Challender for presenting departmental scholarships and introducing our keynote speakers. We are extremely grateful for the time, energy, and efforts of the student committee in organizing and executing the Colloquium. We especially thank the student presenters whose research made the Colloquium possible!

See the Schedule of Events page for a complete schedule. Hope to see you there!
Poster and Oral Presentation Workshop
The March 26th Poster and Oral Presentation Workshop was presented by Nick Atwood and Breanna Hennessy, who provided useful insights on how to deliver effective poster and oral presentations. Download the handouts for the Workshop on the Links page! There are PowerPoints and PDFs of each presentation available, making a total of four documents: "How-to give an oral presentation" (both PowerPoint and PDF) and "Effective Poster Presentation Skills" (both PowerPoint and PDF).

Abstract Writing Workshop
The February 20th Abstract Writing Workshop was presented by Lauren Kay and covered the essentials of abstract writing and technical details important to creating and improving abstracts for research papers, posters, and other presentation formats. Download the handouts for the Abstract Writing Workshop on the Links page! There are three documents available: a PowerPoint, a PDF of the PowerPoint, and additional abstract writing handouts in PDF format.

About the Colloquium
The 2013 MSU Earth Sciences Colloquium is a yearly event that was held this year on Friday and Saturday, April 12-13, 2013. This event is open to all departments at MSU, as well as students from neighboring universities. The Colloquium is an opportunity for students to present their research to their peers, professors, and invited industry professionals, as well as to create networking opportunities. 
If you are interested in being on next year's committee, attending the colloquium, or have any questions or comments, please contact us at MSU.EarthSciences.Colloquium@gmail.com or like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/msuesc!