2012 Youth Micro Sprint Rules


1” diameter with 090 wall min. steel tube sprint-style cage.

Coilover or torsion suspension

Min. 4 uprights on cage per side

Frame width 26” minimum

Frame length 85” maximum

Front and rear axle must not extend beyond frame length

78” wheel base maximum

52” track width maximum


206cc maximum single cylinder 4 stroke

100cc max for 2 stroke with manual clutch

Gasoline or alcohol

Naturally aspirated


5 point harness maximum 5 years old

Full face helmet with eye protection (goggles or face shield)

Must have master electrical shut off clearly marked

Driver must have minimum SFI-1 driving suit, leather gloves

Leather foot wear and neck brace (horse collar)


Top wing required 6-10 square feet


Must be dirt style tires

No knobby 3 wheeler tires


1” diameter light wall tubing maximum

Front and Rear bumpers no wider than frame rail

Single hoop front bumper must not extend outward more than 10”

Nerf bars 1” max diameter

All bumpers and nerfs must have rounded corners – NO 45’s



Drivers must be 5-13 years old to participate

All vehicles subject to inspection by track officials. Changes may be suggested to

keep the vehicles safe and competitive. Please keep in mind these are children

and our main intent is to allow them to build their driving skills in a safe

competitive environment.